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Posted by GattacaForever (Member # 8277) on :
Greetz, earthlings! [Razz]

Do you remember - and have... - a Coca-Cola commercial of the early nineties with a saurian-like alien that *eats* the crewmen of a NASA space station? [Razz] It was an ad during Star Trek - The Next Generation episodes; the very first and/or second season here, in Romania.

Here's the text:

Alright, everybody, listen up! Another member of our crew has been eaten. There's an alien on board of this ship and he's one of us!... I'm going to ask a question to which only an Earthling would know the answer.

But, Captain, we're from all over the world! We will not all know the answer...
Right, Captain...

That's right, Captain...

If you're from Earth you'll know. Write down the name of the world's most popular ... softdrink!


Don't move!

Aaargh! COKE, COCA-COLA! COKE, COCA-COLA! I knew it! I know! You know, I mean it flew out of my mind! I had a little break-down, that's all! I'm over 40, you don't know because you're young yet. You don't know that happens to you.
The other day I forgot my wife's name - Mildred -, then I look around for my car keys a half hour - they're in my hand! It never happened to you, huh?... Captain, sorry about eating Henderson...

P.S. It's merely a commercial, NOT a movie, so it's perfectly *legal*, especially since many of the Coca-Cola ones are already on the YouTube. [Wink]

Thank you!!! [Smile]

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Posted by GattacaForever (Member # 8277) on :
No one knows it? [Frown]
Posted by GattacaForever (Member # 8277) on :
STILL no one... [Frown] (
Posted by Daaani (Member # 20996) on :
I know it! I used to love that commercial!
I do not have it though.... sorry

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