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Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
A number of good westerns came out in the 90s; this is easily one of the best of them. Even if you're not a history buff (either way, this is easily the most historically accurate of any telling of the tale to date, so it has that in its corner), the story is entertaining on its own and pulls you in. A very good cast shines, although Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday easily steals the show ("I'm afraid the strain was a little too much for him to bear...").
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
Let's not forget the appearance of John 'Turtle' Philbin.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
This is by far the best telling of wyatt earp and the ok corral and all things assoc. Val does a great job as doc, but I thought Kurt did a excellent job. The villians had alot of depth, curly bill, ringo and the cowardly ike clanton. Good visuals, esp the scene where they all walk down the street with the burning building behind them was something that really stuck with me. This would be my favorite western had quigley down under not existed.
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
"Yeah, I heard ya the first time!" - Great comment from Wyatt (Kurt Ruseel) Earp.
Posted by Jessie the Sunflower Goddess (Member # 1877) on :
I tell you what it is all that I can do to sit through a Western movie; but this one changed my perspective on that. I absolutely watch this every time I catch it on TV. Val Kilmer was amazing as Doc Holiday. The only outcome I would have changed was that I wished someone would have beaten Ike Clanton to death, but since that didn't happen in history I guess it couldn't happen on the film. He sure was a slimy character. I also would have picked someone other than Dana Delaney to play Kurt Russell's love interest.
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
Yeah replace Dana Delaney with Pamela Anderson and you got yourself a kick western!
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Hey, what´s wrong with Delany?
I love Pam but with her chest the illusion would have been gone [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
I'm just muckin around anyways. Actually the person I could not stand in the movie was Wyatt Earp's wife. I guess it was just becaue of the character she was playing though, cos she was fine in Fletch.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
atomik, pam's chest would have been fine for the time period, my reasoning is that laura san giacomo who played crazy cora on quigley down under could give pam a serious run for her money in that particular department. but pam is not as good an actor as laura.

but i will say that i could see pam doing a hell of alot better than megan fox on jonah hex.

i dont even find megan fox attractive. i honestly cant figure out what all the hooplah is about
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
Megan Fox, while not the best actor is super sexy, I think.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
i just watched howard the duck lately. i cant get lea thompson off my mind.
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
Love this movie! "I'll be yer Hucklberry", Love Val Kilmer in this! This is definitely a western worth watching, even if you don't like westerns. I also agree with Dana Delany not being the best choice for Kurt Russell's love interest. I don't know what it is about her that rubs me the wrong way but I just do not like her.

Also, I think this was a much better telling of this story than Kevin Costner's version "Wyatt Earp" which came out the following year.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
yeah, wyatt earp with Kevin Costner seem like a tall tale like story. The villians were sorely lacking
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
Wyatt Earp sucks, A terrible movie. Tombstone is where it's at.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
down by the creek, walking on water

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