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Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I saw this movie at Blockbusters for like $7.99, and I know it is pretty new. It has Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx in it. I figure it must not be any good...when Blockbusters has it that cheap that fast. Has anyone seen it, and is it any good??
Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
'Collateral' is an excellent movie Isis, (although being a Cruise fan like Valley, I would be a little biased here) both Foxx & Cruise are great and its better if you think of the story as a secondary aspect to watching these two actors on screen, there is some violence but its absolutely necessary to the story, if you liked Michael Mann's classic 'Heat', you'll probably love this.
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
i loved this movie, and though i am not much of a tom cruise fan, he performed very well in this one. i agree with kash that just watching these 2 guys'characters was great.
Posted by Bionic Bigfoot (Member # 2490) on :
I liked this one too. I thought Foxx & Cruise had great chemistry together. Their scenes were pretty comical sometimes.
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
I waited to post on this thread, because my answer would be obvious. This is a great movie, actually more for the performance of Foxx than Cruise. The interaction between the two is outstanding.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
Ok....then maybe I'll have to watch it. I wasn't expecting it to be good at all, so if you guys all liked it, I might give it a shot.
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
I'm a Tom Cruise fan, but I was disappointed with this one! [Frown]

The movie ran a bit too long, but my biggest problem was that the plot and story was simply just not believable.
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
isis, i rented this movie back in december because i remember watching it on christmas eve with my family (not much of a christmas spirited movie, i know). but that was 6 months ago..
i bought it last month for 12.99 at blockbuster previously viewed. so the price has gone down.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I am outta here to go watch it...I'll be back after the movie to tell ya'all what I think of it. [Big Grin]
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I thought this movie was absolutely hideous. What chemistry?? Jamie Foxx was a hostage from the beginning, and terrified for his life, there was never one funny moment about any of that.

I thought Tom Cruise was the most evil person and ruthless and senseless, and he wasn't even professional, he screwed his job up from the very beginning...if your that "professional"...and suppose to be this class act Hitman...if there is such a thing..he sure screwed up...he had a witness from the first killing...he goofed that up, but he killed about 20 times the actual people he was paid to kill. Any one could have gone on a killing spree...I thought he was going to maticulously kill each person he was hired to do...but it was a mess.

I thought because Jamie Foxx was such a nice person, that maybe he would bring out a compassionate part of Tom Cruise's character...especially the one scene at the jazz club...I thought that guy had a chance of walking away...but not only was Tom Cruise an insane killer...he was also a liar...I felt no sympathy for him what so ever...and I couldn't wait for it to all end.

I didn't like Tom Cruise's look at all in this movie...he looked way older...not even just with the gray hair...but he had all this high tech stuff, and a snazzy suit on-like he was Mr. Cool, but he needed a shave...and looked like he needed a shower from the beginning, he just looked like a scruffball.

I am with Steven where he said it drug on too long. It was only 100 minutes long, but it felt like forever.

At the end...he seemed like he was The was total unbelievable.

They never even explained what the whole thing was all about, it was all connected to one case...but they never really said what.. half the time people were couldn't make out what they were even saying.

Some was all violence...from beginning to end...and I am not even complaining about the violence...because I knew it was about a hit man...but it was just so chopped up, and people were getting shot left and right...and yet Tom Cruise just runs away...and runs down the just was absolutely nothing that has been done already.

I obviously didn't like it.

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Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I just was thinking about it some more...Tom Cruise reminded me of Rutgar Hauer's character in "The Hitcher"...where he sort of "befriends" the guy he takes if anyone can understand what I mean....and yet he is always on the verge of killing him ..himself...but not quite..and it doesn't seem to matter how horrible something is...they could flip a car 50 times and still walk away...and they get seperated in a city of 17 million people...and yet Tom Cruise always seems to find Jamie Foxx, and gets him back some how. Yeah...ok.
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
Well sorry Isis, but the the Hitcher is a great movie too. I thought what happened to Jennifer Jason Leigh's character made the movie. I was like did that really just happen? that is ruthless.

While Collateral is not my favorite Tom Cruise movie, I liked it. As far as believeable, if I wanted totally believeable I'd just turn on the news. Like most 80's movies are believeable?

The funny parts were the dark humor moments like when they visited Jamie Foxx's mom in the hospital. It's about a hitman...if wanted compassion you were looking in the wrong place. Jamie Foxx was outstanding in my opinion and if he wasn't so knockout in the movie Ray, he might have won the Academy Award for this movie instead.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I think the Hitcher is a great isn't the ruthless part of Collateral that I had a problem is the way it evolved, and how they could have just done things a little different, and it would have been a better the whole point of having Jamie Foxx be such a kind person, and the whole part of him taking him to see his mom- that to me wasn't funny...I was thinking that maybe Tom Cruise was completely so distached from people, that if he ended up being around more people and seeing might rub off on him, and that was what I was hoping for the whole way that something good would rub off on I honestly thought he was going to let that guy go at the club...but he didn't, and that was plain horrible.

It was just like Tom Cruise went around killing everybody in the end....which was so stupid to the movie part of it...because he was what I thought be this completely super smart...put together hitman...(and I actually at first thought he was hired to kill bad people-but that wasn't the case either)...and what it should have been...was he should have only killed just the first 4 people that he was suppose to....and not all the other people that got in the way...that went too made it look like he had no rhyme or reasoning for anything he was doing.
Posted by Obscurus Lupa (Member # 2700) on :
Well, when you think about it, killing four people isn't any better than killing fourteen people, y'know?

I told you it'd probably be one you wouldn't like (plus I saw the ending--I thought it looked good). If you wanted a story about the hitman with a heart then you should've rented The Big Hit (he can't stand it when someone doesn't like him AND he's gotta return the video to the rental place before the other hitmen kill him-oh boy). I actually liked that one, but y'know, you probably wouldn't. You should stay away from hitman flicks, because if they made a movie where the hitman suddenly got a heart it probably wouldn't do any better than The Big Hit did. But at least The Big Hit had a cameo by Danny Smith of Big Wolf on Campus (not so much) fame.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
No...I don't want to see anyone being shot down and murdered, but I knew that was what the story was...instead of it being senseless...I thought maybe there could be some kind of turning point that proved that even the most cold hearted person, could change and become wouldn't change what they did, maybe it would end. And I don't mean 4 people should have been killed, but to make it be what it was where the girl was the 5th and Jamie Foxx was at least going to try and save her...that is the only reason I said that...or otherwise there was no story line.

It definately wasn't for me.
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
Hey Lupa, did you ever see "Léon...The Professional" with Natalie Portman & Jean Reno. That was a hitman with a heart story that actually worked.
Posted by Obscurus Lupa (Member # 2700) on :
No, I didn't, but I really don't watch movies about hitmen. [Big Grin] I don't avoid them, I just don't happen to watch them. I only watched the end of Collateral because my brother turned it on and I watched The Big Hit because I wanted to see Danny Smith's part.

EDIT: By the way, Isis, it's a well-known fact that Tom Cruise is The Terminator.
Posted by Smayt Gateford. (Member # 1500) on :
Collateral is a good movie thats defo worth a purchase.
Only problem i had with it was the ending,it was too much of an Abel Ferrera ending!
Kind'a like King Of New York with Sir Christopher of Walken.
But excellent movie all the same.And like Michael Mann's ealier movie HEAT,it has a very realistic quality about it.
Posted by MotleyRulz (Member # 3598) on :
I wasted good money on seeing this at the movies back when it first came out. I was disappointed to say the least. To me, it was just dry, and Cruise and Foxx lacked on screen chemistry. Ya like that ya like though...
Posted by MotleyRulz (Member # 3598) on :
I think "Heat" was alot better than Collateral. To me, Heat was just more action packed even though it lasted longer. I can watch a long movie all day if its action packed. But to me, it seemed like Collateral never would end. I guess that's because to me, there were just 2 many dull moments and parts in Collateral...
Posted by raggedyman (Member # 4065) on :
COLLATERAL ROCKS! one of the few decent movies of a largely disappointing 2004.
Posted by Brode (Member # 3732) on :
I'm super-late here, but if you're looking for a 'hitman with a heart' movie, get Grosse Pointe Blank starring John Cusack as a hitman who goes to his high school reunion.

"I can't go there, talk to people. What could I say to them? 'I killed the President of Paraguay with a fork. How are you?' "

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