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Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
Not big into space films but I did like this one because of Tom Hanks. There hasn't been a film that he has been in that I don't hardly like. He just makes the screen come alive in anything that he is in.

A terribly failed space mission puts the lives of several astronauts in danger. Hanks plays Jim Lovell. Supporting performance by Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinese, and Bill Paxton. Just a superbly acted and directed film.

By the way happy birthday to it's director, Ron Howard he turns 51 today!
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
way to go ron howard.

this movie is one of my favorites of all time. i read somewhere that a special edition of this movie is being released sometime this year, so i am really excited.

tom hanks was great in this movie as well as gary sinese. i really liked his role in the film, he just happened to be the guy who saved them all. powerful stuff.
Posted by Bionic Bigfoot (Member # 2490) on :
Great film. I can't wait to get that special editon DVD.
I loved the way Hanks would cover the moon with his thumb. I do that all the time now.
I love movies about NASA and the space program and I love visiting NASA.
I live in Dallas and heard the space shuttle when it blew up in '03. It woke me up. I thought there had been a car accident in the street outside my home. My wife was up watching tv and told me just moments later what had happened. We spent that entire day glued to the tv watching the story unfold. What a tragedy.
Posted by GremlinBreakfast (Member # 2585) on :
The special edition is coming out in the UK on April 11th, so a date for the US should be near to this too.

Special features are as follows:

*The Lost Moon: The Triumph Of Apollo 13: a documentary featuring interviews with the cast, crew, real-life characters and key members of the Apollo 13 Mission Control team looking at the making of the movie (58 mins)

*Conquering Space - The Moon And Beyond: highlights of the last 45 years in space featuring interviews and footage of NASA scientists and astronauts (45 mins)

*Lucky 13 - The Astronauts Story: Mission Control and the Space Crew recount the real-life events of the Apollo 13 mission (12 mins)

*Original theatrical trailer

Its also priced at £15 on, which I guess is around the normal $25.

Posted by GremlinBreakfast (Member # 2585) on :
Not long then.... I've just found that the special edition DVD is released on March 29th in the US.


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