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Posted by Chloe (Member # 37365) on :
I know many people say The Exorcist is a very disturbing and unsettling movie, people maybe scared, or they may not be.

What's you're view, did you find it scary?

My Opinion:
I actually love this film!
I hear people say it's terrifying, I hear people say it's not. Personally, I don't find it's scary at all, however, it's one of my favorite films. I must praise Linda Blair, isn't she talented?
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
I personally think that the movie is terrible but it's hard to know what I would have thought of it when it came out. It probably was really scary back then but time, culture, expectations change and now we can look at it without being scared (and even laugh).

Unfortunately I was not born when this came out, perhaps someone who saw it when it came out can give us their 2 cents?
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
I find it a dreadful bore. I love Part 3 though.
Posted by Crash (Member # 7484) on :
I always thought that The Exorcist, while good, was way overrated. As I've gotten older, I've liked it more and come to recognize its significance in film history. It's the film that "legitimized" horror films to many critics and film snobs. Until then, horror films were seen as this tawdry genre that no one respected. Then The Exorcist, a big studio film directed by a name director, came along to critical acclaim and big box office and changed the game. A few years later, we had Carrie with two acting Oscar nominations. Today, not only are horror films completely legitimate, for many studios they can be extremely lucrative. Look at just about anything that Blumhouse produces--even if you don't particularly like one of their films, you have to admit that it's extremely well made on a frugal budget--and consequently, can make the studio a huge profit.
Posted by Chloe (Member # 37365) on :
I wasn't born when it was released either! But, I always thought it was a fantastic film. I could watch it over and over again without getting bored.

I started to watch Part II as my friend wanted me to see it with her, although neither of us found it that good. I need to watch it again sometime, though. I probably wasn't fully engaged when I first started to watch it as it was pretty late at night.
Posted by Chloe (Member # 37365) on :
Watched Exorcist ll: The Heretic the other day...

The first time I started watching it, I wasn't too fond of it. I didn't watch all of it, since it was late and night, and really should of been going to sleep.

I watched it, the whole film, the other day... I must say, I pleasantly enjoyed it! I thought it was really good! Anyone else like The Heretic?
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
I was not born either when The Exorcist came out so I can't give my input there. I can imagine it must have been a pretty cool experience to see it on the big screen upon release though. Being this was a time when theatrical horror movies were still pretty obscure. I mean this was still several years before the original Friday the 13th would be released.

But like others have mentioned in their posts, I wasn't that freaked out by it when I first saw it and did find it pretty dull and boring for the most part. The makeup and suspense in the good scenes are still quite impressive, but the rest of the movie just drags on so slowly. This is why I'm actually a bigger fan of some of the more modern possession films like Stigmata or The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Love the original but have to say that The Heretic is pretty bad.
It includes few interesting death scenes but nowadays i only watch it because Linda Blair looks absolutely stunning in it.
Posted by JCU (Member # 2851) on :
Scary is a relative term depending on who is asked. The Exorcist lacked the jumps and scares exemplified in 1970 and 80's horror but it was scary if you believed in God and Satan.

When I watch the fill I prefer to view the longer cuts rather than the theatrical cut.

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