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Salut to all.
Could someone be generous to help me with recalling the name of a movie? I only saw it once(or even less than once) in a TV-channel about 15 years ago(ca 1996), yet I can recall only some fragments.
The movie was shot after 1967, which was proved by the occurence of a dramatical "Dry a Pet in a Microwave Oven" incident(I'll explain later).

The main character was, or maybe I remember was, a young man at(or was transfered to) a new boarding school, who was tangled up in these adolescent problems and frequently found himself deep in the anxiety with the world around.
In a scene, he did this drive-by hitting the mail box with a baseball bat.
He sighted that one of his classmate or roomate who was driven mad, because he was often abused and bullied by other "stronger" students. He collected butter served at lunch every day, and tried to grease the railroad up with them, in order to derail the train, because one time he was forced by the others to lie on the rail before the train came.
One day the main character boy's mother, unaware of the principle of microwave, put the house pet dog into the microwave oven after giving it a bath, and turned on the power. The boy tried to stop it, but it was too late, the dog was vaporized, and his mother started to scream when she found that.
Occasionaly, the boy learnd about that his favourite teacher, Miss...(I can't remember)died in a accident(or some fatal disease).
I didn't catch the beginning and the ending cast of this movie.

I'd be thankful, if anyone could give me any clew about this movie.
Sorry for my poor expression in English, it is not my mothertongue.

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