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Posted by Aruba4me (Member # 6258) on :
I'm not positive this was a 70's movie, it may have been from the 60's.

It was a horror/suspense type B movie that I saw on TV once when I was young. All I remember from the movie is that there were these people in an old haunted house and they were trying to communicate with a ghost in the house. They wrote all the letters of the alphabet on a wall in the house and pointed to each letter and the ghost would knock on the wall when they got to a certain letter. Someone wrote the letters down in sequence and read back what the ghost had to say. It may have been filmed in black and white.

Please help with this one!! It has been bugging me for decades! Thanks.
Posted by journey (Member # 7316) on :
The Haunting (1973)?
Thirteen Ghosts (1960)?
Posted by Aruba4me (Member # 6258) on :

Thanks for responding. It seems like I had everyone stumped. It's not the Haunting, but I'm gonna check out Thirteen Ghosts. Hope fully I can find it somewhere.

Thanks again!
Posted by Aruba4me (Member # 6258) on :
I watched Thirteen Ghosts and that wasn't it. So I'm still stumped as to what that movie was! Can anybody else help or offer suggestions? Thanks.

BTW, Thirteen Ghosts was SUCH a B movie. It was fun to watch and chuckle at. So many of those actors looked familiar to me, but I couldn't remember where from. Of course I know Margaret Hamilton, but the woman that played the mom and also the guy that played the lawyer looked SO familiar to me.

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