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Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I just watched a movie that Steve Railsback was in called Stranger in the House, and I recognized his name, because I knew he was the guy who played Charles Mansun in the movie Helter Skelter.

I never saw that movie, but I remember when those actual things happened, and how darn creepy and scary the whole thing was. I thought about getting the movie, but real life stuff scares me more than anything. I liked Steve Railsback in this movie I just watched, and all I knew of him before this was he had an affair with Robert Blake's wife, and he did Helter Skelter.

I was wondering if anyone else saw the movie, what they thought of it, and were you around for the whole Charles Mansun cult thing?.

Has anyone seen what Charles Mansun looks like now?? Just his name alone scares the heck out of me.
Posted by HipsterMom27 (Member # 2161) on :
1969 was when the murders took place...I was hype was very different back then in terms of 'sensationalism' but I distinctly remember seeing news coverage of the murders, the capture and then the trial which lasted until around 1971-72 as I recall. It scared me for sure...I mean, look at the news photos of Manson's eyes!

The "Helter Skelter" book came out around was written by the prosecutor so it was very 'inside.' If anyone has interest in true crime, it's a compelling progression of a case built on a few pieces of physical & circumstantial evidence. Believe me, it will creep you out.

The TV movie of the book aired shortly thereafter while I was in high school...I remember we were all talking about it that week at school...they showed some guy puking when he was asked to identify the was gross without being graphic.

I have followed the history of those that were convicted, Manson and the 'family members'...of course, they are all still in prison even though the girls have come up for parole repeatedly. Originally they were all on death row, but that was overturned in '72 by the US Supreme Court...however, they've remained in jail over 30 years and many of the victims' family members are adamant about keeping them there. There is one woman who comes close quite often and appears to be rehabbed pretty well...still, the nature of the crime was so shocking & gruesome that most likely they may never see the light of day. Some claim to have become christians while in prison...I don't think Charlie's changed much at all...he gets interviewed every so often and appears to still believe all the crazy stuff he preached about society, black vs. white, etc. has a Manson story which is culled from the book. It's okay for an overview.

Give the book a read...if you know anything at all about this case, the details of what you learn will amaze you.
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
This was a movie they used to play on TV in two parts...and I've never seen the second part! I always seem to catch the same pieces of it. I agree with you that Charles Manson in a despicable figure and that is probably WHY I can never watch the whole two parts...after about an hour of the HELTER SKELTER movie I wanna turn it off and take a shower and make my skin stop crawling.
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
I'm reading the book right now. Pretty disturbing how Manson manipulated everyone to do his bidding. The 40th anniversary is coming up and you know there will be a lot of buzz about that. I've heard about his relationship with Dennis Wilson and his obsession with the Beatles, but can't find anything about his association with Neil Young before the murders.
Posted by YourEyesCanBeSoCruel (Member # 7480) on :
I think that this should work but this is a site with the photo in it from this book we had at my High School Library, The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers.

don't know it that works but I know a bit about "No Name Maddox" from that Encyclopedia and the crime shows about celebrity murders. There's definately some crazy schtuff out there.

Totally with you on the real things scare me more than science fiction, Isis. The movie Wrong Turn is based of stuff in Michigan not all that far from where I live, maybe an hour away tops.
Posted by buffalo-girl (Member # 7498) on :
i was 9 when that all happened and i read the book and saw the movie i thought the movie was very good myself i recently watched a special hour show about manson and they showed him at his last parole hearing wacky as ever lol he will never get out and he don't want to he says prison is his home and he has nowhere else to go apparently he was on his own at a young age and had messed up parents that may have helped to mess his mind up alot as he was not loved at all. he looks the same has long hair and he is evil looking especially his eyes, he is only 5'2" small structured man also! dee

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