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Posted by HipsterMom27 (Member # 2161) on :
While I appreciate being elevated to the status of 'mum' I am unable to rise to the challenge of a new '70s topic.

"Polyester vs. Tie-Dye...tawk amongst ya-selves." [Mike Myers voice-over]

It's not that I can't remember the '70s like some people claim...I never got involved in drugs and my drinking was pretty tame [okay, there are about 3 blackout moments that I only know through heresay].

That in itself is a topic: living with an 18-year-old drinking age vs. today. We started what was affectionately known as "bush drinking" [you get some cheap old-man's brand beer in a quart bottle and go into the fields/woods to drink it] at about 14...buying beer was insanely easy in those days...I think the first time I got carded for an ID I was already 18. So by age 16, chances are you'd already snuck into a bar or were a regular somewhere. Any house party you went to included alcohol and was usually sanctioned by parents who felt "better to know where they are if they're going to drink."

Well, those were the days. I used the term bush drinking with my daughter and she looked at me with a blank stare..."eee-yew, you mean you went out in the woods with bugs & critters just so you could drink skunky beer." Smart kid.

Kashster, I appreciate the honor more than I can say, but alas "I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy!"
Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
When I saw my name up there, I thought; finally, my old film studies lecturer that corduroy wearing ignoramus, is apologising for all the times he’s sold me short in essay marks, but no, looks like I have a wait a while longer for that one.

Any eras good HM, even the 90s, and in the words of Alice Cooper: "you're worthy..Milwakue...Mil-Wa-Kay"

I always thought ‘Bush’ drinking had something to do with Barbara and Jenna.

Posted by HipsterMom27 (Member # 2161) on :
One time we took our bush drinking act on the road to a neighboring community [I went to a big regional catholic school so the kids were from all over a tri-city parish network...close together by bus however] which turned out had a weekend curfew for teens. Anyone under 18 had to be off the streets by 10 unless accompanied by an adult. So we get there early & drink in the woods near the train we gotta leave so we don't get picked up for breaking curfew.

For some reason, there was this "older guy" in the group who had a big station wagon and he offered to drive some of us back to our original destination. Turns out he was related to someone in the group...was married to the kid's sister. He seemed to be 'interested' in me and one of the kid's said 'he wants to go out with you' and I'm thinking 'how does a married guy GO OUT WITH a high-school freshman?' It was really creepy and icky and I couldn't get out of that car fast enough!

After some years passed and I became a worldly wayward lapsed-catholic college student, I realized what that pervert was looking for...and it was even skeevier once I knew!

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