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Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
I'll be starting October off with a 2 day horror film festival, but after that will probably mainly be films I've seen a bunch of times as I'm getting married (About time after 10 years [Big Grin] ) on Halloween so I won't be able to concentrate haha

Looking forward to seeing what you all watch [Smile]

Let's go  -


The Microscope (2022) (Short) - 6
Curse Of Baxton House (202?) (Short) - 8
Hairsucker (2022) (Short) - 6
A Whole Host (2022) (Short) - 4
Bug Bites (2021) (Short) - 7
Caregiver(2022) (Short) - 6
Incubus (2022) (Short) - 4
The Trunk (2022) (Laidlaw) (Short) - 5
The Creeping (2022) - 6
Every Time We Meet For Ice Cream Your Whole ***ing Face Explodes (2021) (Short) - 7
Guts (2021) (McInroy) (Short) - 4
All You Can Eat (2022) (Short) - 4
Eating Miss Campbell (2022) - 5
Familiar (2021) (Ellison) (Short) - 4
Terrifier II (2022) - 8
Wuurm (2022) (Short) - 4
Dodging The Dead (202?) (Short) - 6
Pumpkin Boy (202?) (Short) - 6
Powertool Cheerleaders Vs The Boyband Of The Screeching Dead (2022) - 5
Sucker (2022) (Austin) (Short) - 5
For The Love Of The Craft (202?) (Short) - 5
Lethalogica (2021) (Short) - 5
Final Summer (2022) - 5
The Ou*waters (2022) - 6
House Of The Gorgon (2019) - 3
The Mad Magician (1954) - 7
Dark Tower (1987) - 6
Smile (2022) (Finn) - 7
Piercing (2018) - 7
Eyewitness (1970) - 4
The Final Wish (2018) - 2
Sacrifice (2020) (Collier/Mian) - 6
Beasts Clawing At Straws (2020) - 5
The Mutations (1974) - 6
The Return Of The Vampire (1943) - 7
The Seventh Sign (1988) - 5
The Ones Below (2015) - 8
The Dunwich Horror (1970) - 7
The Killer Trainer (2018) - 3
Cry Of The Banshee (1970) - 7
Final Destination III (2006) - 6
Deathdream (1974) - 8
To Die For (1995) - 7
The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959) - 7
Sinister (2012) - 9
Mr. Sardonicus (1961) - 7
Sinister II (2015) - 7
Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000) - 7
The Tingler (1959) - 7
The Nightingale (2018) - 6
Donovan's Brain (1953) - 7
Corpse Bride (2005) - 10
House Of The Long Shadows (1983) - 8
F (2010) - 8
Sputnik (2020) - 5
The Owners (2020) - 6
Homicidal (1961) - 8
Vice Squad (1982) - 7
Halloween (2007) - 6
Halloween Ends (2022) - 5
Hocus Pocus (1993) - 7
All Hallows' Eve (2013) - 7
Halloween II (2009) - 8
All Hallows' Eve II: The Reaping (2015) - 5
Tales Of Halloween (2015) - 8
Halloween (1978) - 10
Deerskin (2019) - 7
The Turning (2020) - 2
Monster House (2006) - 8
Scooby-Doo! And The Legend Of The Vampire (2003) - 7
Spooky Bats And Scaredy Cats: A Halloween Tale (2009) - 8
Trick 'R 'Treat (2007) - 10
Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982) - 10

1st - 5th November:

Cursed Friends (2022) - 2
Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers (1988) - 2
Barbarian (2022) - 5
Doctor Who: The Daemons (1971) - 8
Halloween V: The Revenge Of Michael Myers (1989) - 5
Hatchet (2006) - 8
Flame In The Streets (1961) - 8
V For Vendetta (2005) - 9

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Posted by gordongecko (Member # 4685) on :
Helen - Congrats! That's pretty sweet you're getting married on Halloween! I hope it's a great day.
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Thanks Gordon [Smile] Nobody was surprised what day it was when we told them haha
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Gongrats Helen, we also waited 10 years before got married all those years ago.

Now the question is, what will you be wearing? Myers, Jason or perhaps The Bride of Frankenstein outfit [Smile]
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Lol, a normal dress but it's navy blue. White bores me [Razz] My Dad and I will be coming into The Munsters theme tho, signing the register to Dr Who as hubby to be is a big geek for it and we will be leaving to the Halloween theme [Big Grin] The balloons, banner and chair bows in the reception are going to be orange and black [Razz]
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Sounds very cool!
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :

I've just got out all my Halloween bits and pieces, looks super cosy now!

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Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
What you catering in to put in your caldron to feed your guests? Congratulations
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Fright Night (2011)

The original Fright Night is one of my all time favorites so this really didn´t have a chance but it had it´s moments. 5/10


Goosebumps (2015)

Don´t know anything about the books but this was entertaining enough film aimed mainly for younger audience. Lots of cgi and Jack Black. 5/10
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)

Decided to uncharacteristically give in to the internet pressure and check out the new Hocus Pocus 2 movie. While it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. It still wasn't great or worth the 30 year wait to me either. Overall just another unnecessary fanfare sequel that really wasn't needed. But it IS a Disney kid's movie so I suppose in that light it's actually pretty good.

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Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

The Whip and the Body (1963)

Gothic horror film directed by the genre maestro Mario Bava. Brilliant lights and shadow, nice colours and cool cinematography - typical Bava style.
Daliah Lavi looks stunning and enjoys when Christopher Lee uses the whip which was too much for the censors back in the day. Good stuff 6/10
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Final Destination (2000)

Really like the basic idea in this movie and it´s not bad by any means but imo the original ending is so much more meaningful and better.
Then New Line listened airhead teen test audience and changed that so the movie feels more like a product. They made the right choice of course and the movie grossed over 100 million so who am i to blame [Smile] 5/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Lol Terd, thanks [Big Grin]

Had a lot of fun at the festival.

Feature films rank:

Terrifier II (2022) - Ahahaha, this was so much fun! Art and his skinny naked bum was just as delightful and even more charming than the first film. I was cracking up hard every time he mocked his victims with cry faces, violins and shocked face. It was a blast to watch this with an audience. Endless amounts of juicy carnage!! [Big Grin] 8/10

The Creeping (2022) - This got better as it went along. It was more a depressing twisted drama but when the weirdness struck it was fun too. 6/10

The Ou*waters (2022) - The title got censored just cos of what it can make in the middle lol. I definitely need to see this again. As unfortunately I think the fact that it was the last film of the 2 day horror film festival after only having 2 hours sleep each night (cos I just get too damn excited) hampered how I woulda felt about it. Also some things benefit from the big screen experience but I feel this might be the other way around. A small living room candlelit viewing might be more suited for this one. Made me laugh towards the end as one guy let out a sound of horror at a part I won't spoil [Big Grin] 6/10

Eating Miss Campbell (2022) - It was an experience.

Festival in joke [Wink] 5/10

Powertool Cheerleaders Vs The Boyband Of The Screeching Dead (2022) - This musical had some funny moments but the songs were crappy. 5/10

Final Summer (2022) - I had no idea what was going on here. I mean at first I thought it was a fan made Friday The 13th film but then just a homage maybe. I dunno. Whatever it was going for didn't work. Although there was some nice parts and funny scenes from Rico Whitehead. 5/10

Short films rank:

Curse Of Baxton House (202?) - 8
Bug Bites (2021) - 7
Every Time We Meet For Ice Cream Your Whole ****ing Face Explodes (2021) - 7
Pumpkin Boy (202?) - 6
The Microscope (2022) - 6
Dodging The Dead (202?) - 6
Hairsucker (2022) - 6
Caregiver (2022) - 6
The Trunk (2022) (Laidlaw) - 5
For The Love Of The Craft (202?) - 5
Sucker (2022) (Austin) - 5
Lethalogica (2021) - 5
A Whole Host (2022) - 4
All You Can Eat (2022) - 4
Familiar (2021) (Ellison) - 4
Wuurm (2022) - 4
Incubus (2022) - 4
Guts (2021) (McInroy) - 4

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Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Goosebumps is cool Atomik, the second one is fun too and a Halloween one [Smile]
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
Yeah, i´m gonna watch the second one too!
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

The Skull (1965)

Second Amicus horror film and this was based on a short story by Robert Bloch. The skull of Marquis de Sade is haunting people and especially Mr Maitland (Peter Cushing).
Few cool scenes in this one (the floating skull) and i just loved Maitland´s study. Christopher Lee was also in this one. 6/10


Monster Dog (1984)

This was fun low budget film directed by Italian Claudio Fragasso but shot in Spain. Alice Cooper stars as rock star Vincent Raven and his family has a curse.
A group goes to a mansion to shoot a music video but the moon is full and you know what happens next. For horror freaks and Cooper fans. 6/10
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
Watched the news. It was pretty bad. 0/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
I adore The Skull <3
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
House Of The Gorgon (2019) - Great cast, Veronica Carlson bringing the class, to this awfully executed film. Supposed to be a homage to Hammer but more like a mickeytake. 3/10

The Mad Magician (1954) - Vincent Price was a groovy mad magician with all his mission impossible masks [Big Grin] 7/10

Dark Tower (1987) - Such a pity. I dunno if it was, but it had a lovely made for TV, dingy feel with some really odd stuff happening but then became a bit dull after the halfway point. 6/10

Smile (2022) (Finn) - Talk about a trailer completely misrepresenting a film. The whole cinema laughed their heads off watching it the other month but it was completely different with the film. Only went to see it because had time to kill between 2 live shows and glad for it. Sosie Bacon was outstanding and I just loved the depressing energy about it. It's one of the most horrifying things to even think about, that everybody just thinks you're mad when something awful is happening. Bit too long but a nice pleasant surprise. 7/10

Piercing (2018) - Mia Wasikowska and Paul Rudd lite meet up to enact their twisted violent fantasies on one another. This horror/black comedy had a bit of a sickly atmosphere at times and quite funny at others. I was amused at them playing the Tenebrae music while scanning up and down miniature buildings in the end credits. 7/10

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Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
The FOG 1980. Good scenery and plenty of cool vintage items
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Final Destination 2 (2003)

FD sequel was more of the same with a plot that was not that exciting. The film starts with a highway crash sequence which was the highpoint of the movie. 4/10


The Birds (1963)

This classic still looks amazing and includes few breathtaking scenes. Tippi Hedren was great and i love those Albert Whitlock matte paintings! 8/10


Goosebumps 2 (2018)

More of the same which was a bit of a disappointment but i enjoyed the lead kids and their everyday problems.
This time the dummy wants to bring halloween to life but the monsters don´t do anything! Well, those gummy bears did try [Big Grin] 5/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Haha [Big Grin]
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Eyewitness (1970) - Nearly fell asleep. 4/10

The Final Wish (2018) - Shockingly bad. 2/10

Sacrifice (2020) - Some nice creepy foreign country vibes. Barbara Crampton was fun in her role. 6/10

Beasts Clawing At Straws (2020) - Really disappointing black comedy. Only the second Korean film I've rated under a six. 5/10

The Mutations (1974) - An alright sort of Freaks remake. 6/10

The Return Of The Vampire (1943) - It's a pretty basic Drac -- sorry vampire film [Wink] But it's so enjoyably cosy with foggy gorgeousness on every corner and some lovely face melting [Smile] 7/10

The Seventh Sign (1988) - Yeah nah. 5/10
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Bad Moon (1996)

I like this werewolf flick written and directed by Eric "The Hitcher" Red. Nice downbeat feel, cool cast and the werewolf looks great. 7/10


Rabid (2019)

This Soska sisters remake was ok but unnecessary. Watch the Cronenberg original instead. 5/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
The Ones Below (2015) - Woo, I thought this was gonna be like any ten a penny wacky neighbours flick. But I was super anxious for the whole 80 mins and it was twisted!!! I loved it. 8/10

The Dunwich Horror (1970) - Yeah, I have no idea what I sat through, that was bloody odd! Had to be part comedy surely? Dean Stockwell's constant smirk face was cracking me up anyway! 7/10

The Killer Trainer (2018) - Crappy TV film, passed the time. 3/10

Cry Of The Banshee (1970) - Nothing wow, but a good bit of witchy/monster fun. 7/10

Final Destination III (2006) - Still enjoyable but a noticeable drop down from the first 2 films. 6/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Deathdream (1974) - This is just great, really depressing and creepy. Bonus was I'd forgotten how it all ends. I wanted to choke the Mum throughout this. The only thing I found really jarring was those jiggly violins, did not go with what was happening at all. 8/10

To Die For (1995) - Disturbing sort of black comedy. Nicole Kidman was great as the psycho b. 7/10

The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959) - Always nice to see a Hammer that has escaped me. This was a bit rough around the edges but very enjoyable with a great performance by Anton Diffring. 7/10

Sinister (2012) - Third time watch, still my favourite horror from this century. I felt all weird and shaky all over. I mean obviously most of it comes down to those bloody disturbing videos with that so simple but seriously effective music. But does anything say stress more than a stressed out man in a big chunky cardigan!!! It does me in haha. I was gonna watch part 2 straight after, (which I haven't seen since the cinema and I really liked it and couldn't understand the hate) but I just didn't have it in me [Razz] so will watch tonight. The only reason this doesn't get a full score is the kids going ssh. Ssh OFF!! 9/10
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Final Destination 3 (2006)

More of the same. Enjoyed the tanning salon scene [Wink] but that was it. Where were the adults? Lazy writing. The lead couple were ok though. 4/10


Visiting Hours (1982)

Very good psycho killer film this one. Michael Ironside gives a fantastic performance. One of the early 80s hospital horror craze films (Halloween II, X-Ray). Recommended! 7/10


Horror in the Attic aka The Attic Expeditions (2001)

Horrible film. I bought this because Alice Cooper was mentionde on the Finnish dvd cover and he has about 30 seconds screen time [Mad] Lots of psychological mumbo jumbo and bad acting. Avoid! 2/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Lol, it wasn't that bad [Razz]

Mr. Sardonicus (1961) - Got Invisible Man vibes off this. Loved that ending, brutal! 7/10

Sinister II (2015) - I am knocking this down a point as the horror side of it did work a bit better for me first time around on the big screen and I don't think I did it any favours watching it the day after the first. With that said I still really enjoyed this. I forgot how drama heavy it is and that side of it with the arsehole husband really got under my skin more this time. I like how they made Deputy so and so a more full character. I do find it super creepy once it goes full on into the horror in the last 40 mins. And the videos are great but that Sunday Service one especially is so vile, love it! The end is satisfyingly sad. 7/10

Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000) - Barmy. 7/10

The Tingler (1959) - Even more fun second time. 7/10

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Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
Billed as a thriller, I didn’t find it particularly thrilling in the first 1/3 of the movie. I did love the fashion, photography, and gritty streets of old NYC. 7/10 for me.
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)

Not quite on the same level as the first two The Conjuring films but still good stuff. This was a horror/detective story. 7/10


The Birds II: Land´s End (1994)

Made for television The Birds sequel. Pretty bland film with no surprises what so ever. 4/10


The Final Destination aka Final Destination 4 (2009)

Stupid teens once again surviving first but dying next. This franchise goes from bad to worse [Big Grin] 3/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
The Nightingale (2018) - A tough watch. I did like how it twisted from you about to be rooting hard for somebody to then being like what a **** 6/10

Donovan's Brain (1953) - Fun. 7/10

Corpse Bride (2005) - This is my favourite animated film of all time. It's stunning through and through. The herky jerky oddity of stop motion will always reign supreme in animation. I love how bleak the living world is compared to the beautifully craggy but colourful world of the dead.

The weaving of humour and pain from one second to the next is done exquisitely, feels so effortless. I love how they tell such a tragic story with that funky jazz number. I want to visit that gorgeous Jazz pub full of dancing deadies weekly please! I don't think there is another film where I adore all 3 main characters equally. They are all beautiful people who make you smile when they do, ache when they do and you just plead at the screen for them all to be ok.

'If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain, In the ice or in the sun it's all the same, Yet I feel my heart is aching, Though it doesn't beat it's breaking, And the pain here that I feel, Try and tell me it's not real, I know that I am dead, Yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed'

I watched this film a tonne back in a period of my life when I felt dead inside and I remember rewinding that verse over and over. It felt written for me.

Both piano scenes (I can't believe I only just noticed Harryhausen on one) are absolutely beautiful in such different ways. My dvd has the music only track as a special feature which is both weird and a great experience. I recommend it.

I can never have a bowl of soup without saying "There's an eye in me soup", Peter Lorre eye maggot, Hopscotch, the cast, "Grandpa", The town crier who you can't tell me isn't fashioned after King Charles, "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn" and the most perfect revenge. Everything about this film is divine. I sobbed, as I do everytime at the end. Beautiful ❤ 10/10
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
The Nightingale is very good and violent.
Posted by TerdNthePoolGGB (Member # 9818) on :
I know you like short film festivals. Have you seen any Parker Finn stuff. Am hearing he's pretty good. I read somewhere that his new movie Smile is a version of one of his shorts.
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
I don't think I've seen any of his shorts but would be interested to as Smile was such a pleasant surprise.

House Of The Long Shadows (1983) - Despite the magnificent cast and the director being Pete Walker this is one I was never in a great hurry to track down. I think it was because the posters/covers I seen over the years made it look like an outright comedy horror. I am so so glad it was not and glad to have finally watched this. It was just one of the snuggest, cosiest, old creepy house, gales blowing, loveliest atmospheres. And bonus I did not see the end coming [Big Grin] 8/10

F (2010) - Seen this a few times now and it's still just as unnerving. A bunch of hooded teens terrorising a small number of school staff and a couple of pupils after hours. The way they keep them faceless, silent, scattering along tops of lockers like rats and leaping from floors to tables in a frog like manner is suitably creepy. I also love the family drama with the Dad putting in a great performance. 8/10

Sputnik (2020) - There was a good film hiding somewhere in there. 5/10
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Helen S, I forgot to tell you Congratulations on getting married! Sounds like great fun!
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Human Experiments (1979)

Basically a WIP flick but with horror elements. Good performances from Linda Haynes and Geoffrey Lewis. 6/10


Scream (2022)

Horrble. Just horrible in every way. 2/10


Caltiki - The Immortal Monster (1959)

Cool Italian sc-fi horror movie directed by Riccardo Freda and Mario Bava. The Quatermass Xperiment and The Blob copy yes but very entertaining. 7/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Thanks Pitts [Big Grin]
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
We’re semi-watching The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) on Svengooli on METV. (Husband is flipping back and forth between it and college football 🙄) It’s cheesetastic. Heck, for a very old movie, it’s really not bad. I can imagine kids in the theaters seeing this back then and being scared. I’m thinking it was probably a drive in theater staple too. Too bad Crash hasn’t been around; he would know for sure.
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
The Owners (2020) - This woulda got a lower score if it was less interesting people. But I loved seeing Rita Tushingham and Dr Who taking names and kicking ***!! 6/10

Homicidal (1961) - Even though you can see what is going on a mile away this Psycho rip is so enjoyable. 8/10

Vice Squad (1982) - Grotty. 7/10

Halloween (2007) - I only really watch this now cos I love part 2 so feel I have to watch this as well. 6/10

Halloween Ends (2022) - Eh, this was just as mediocre as the prior 2. And again falling back hard on the manipulative nostalgia for the original film. Again I liked the look of the film and I wasn't bored, it was just there. And way too much of charisma vacuum granddaughter. The ending was hella juicy and enjoyable. I'd have to watch it again to be sure but I think out of these 3 the most future fun I'm gonna have is with Kills.

Of the big horror franchises this is overall the crappest for me. I've lost count of how many films but the only ones I need in my life are 1, 3, H20 and Zombie's Halloween 2. I think I'd rather watch Children of the corn from front to back than all of these!!! That's saying something. 5/10

Hocus Pocus (1993) - Hocus Pocus. 7/10
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
I think these horror franchises need to be done.
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

Suck (2009)

Surprisingly entertaining Canadian horror comedy. Loved the vampire make up and all the rocker guest stars did very well. 7/10


Haute Tension aka Switchblade Romance (2003)

Heard much about this French film but in the end was kind of disappointed. It´s very gory but the main character wasn´t very believable and the twist was a bit too much [Smile] 5/10


Docteur Jekyll et les femmes aka The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne (1981)

Walerian Borowczyk´s take on Jekyll & Hyde and it´s definitely of acquired taste. Marina Perro was very beautiful though and i liked the ending. 4/10


Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013)

Fright Night remake part 2 and this was better than i thought. British cast performing in Romania and Jaime Murray is very hot as Countess Bathory. Still far away from the original classic 5/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Yeah Pittsburghgirl, but then can't stop watching haha

I LOVE that Fright Night 2 [Big Grin]

All Hallows' Eve (2013) - Oh my, I heart Art! I love the Terrifier films so it was about time I got to this one. A little ropey, very cheap but that all added to its charm. It got better as it went along and Mike Giannelli is just as good as Art, I cracked up so much especially towards the end. I think I might even like this more next time. I also liked that alien thingy and what looked like a thumb monster haha. 7/10

Halloween II (2009) - Past comments: I only really liked the opening when I first watched this but then a couple of years ago had an absolute ball with it. I'm raising my score yet again as I now love and think it is a brilliant film. I love the brutality, some really savage kills in here. Love the Halloween party, drunk Laurie, Honkytonk Halloween. The hallucinations, hmm, I can take or leave them. They're not too intrusive anyhow. But most of all what I love is the relationship between Laurie, Annie and her Dad with Annie's death being amongst the most heartbreaking slasher deaths ever for me. I also really appreciate the harrowing PTSD themes. Scout Taylor-Compton is on another level here compared to her ok performance in the first film. And that Psychoesque ending shot is just great. 8/10

All Hallows' Eve II: The Reaping (2015) - What a disappointment! It started off so well, proper Halloweeny, short and sweet tales. And then just lost all of that bit by bit and apart from the lift segment became quite dull. And to add insult to injury, as someone who doesn't turn off I had to sit through 10 minutes of credits!! 5/10

Tales Of Halloween (2015) - Has become an October staple. 8/10
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :

One Dark Night (1983)

Tom McLoughlin´s One Dark Night rewatch from 88 Films bluray. I like this atmospheric little horror feature. 6/10


Final Destination 5 (2011)

This was a bit better FD film. The opening bridge scene was pretty cool and the eye surgery sequence very nasty. 5/10


Ganja & Hess (1973)

Pretty weird blaxploitation vampire film this one starring Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead. Definitely a challenge but it´s not bad. 6/10


Slugs (1988)

This was also a rewatch and you gotta like Juan Piquer Simon movies. Cool sfx and fun characters. 7/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
Halloween (1978) - Yeah. 10/10

Deerskin (2019) - Man becomes obsessed with his jacket (that he believes is talking to him) and deerskin stuff in general leading him onto a killing spree. 7/10

The Turning (2020) - By far the worst version of The Turn of the Screw I've seen. It only gets this score as I didn't mind the cast. 2/10

Monster House (2006) - Annual watch. 8/10

Scooby-Doo! And The Legend Of The Vampire (2003) - I had a lovely night. Went to a Halloween concert by Baked A La Ska who I didn't know so wasn't sure what to expect and had the best time! Never did I think I'd go to a concert and a band would sing Scooby-Doo totally straight. I just had to watch a Scooby after that and this one was really cute. 7/10

Spooky Bats And Scaredy Cats: A Halloween Tale (2009) - Gorgeous short stop motion I watch every year. 8/10
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
My last three 31 Days of Horror films:


Deadly Blessing (1981)

This was a rewatch and i´ve always enjoyed Wes Craven´s Deadly Blessing. Cool cast and very well done film. 7/10


Dogs (1977)

Dogs is a decent nature strikes back film with a very basic plot. I like the fact that they leave the reason why the dogs attack open. 5/10


Halloween Kills (2021)

This was a disappointment. Myers kills a lot yes but i didn´t feel anything. no atmosphere, no chills. And the characters were ultra stupid. 3/10
Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
The last 2 days of October:

Trick 'R 'Treat (2007) - It was so great to get to see this on the big screen. Sam's adorable face blown up was a treat [Smile] It was fun hearing all the giggling at certain jokes and parts. The biggest laughs was "Charlie Brown is an ahole" and when the kid is getting his head bashed in in the hole haha. 10/10

Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (1982) - While my Halloween was a little different finally getting married and it was absolutely wonderful ❤ some things must remain the same. As soon as we got back from the reception this went on [Razz] 10/10

And as always I went on till 5th November:

Cursed Friends (2022) - 2/10
Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers (1988) - 2/10
Barbarian (2022) - 5/10
Doctor Who: The Daemons (1971) - 8/10
Halloween V: The Revenge Of Michael Myers (1989) - 5/10
Hatchet (2006) - 8/10
Flame In The Streets (1961) - 8/10
V For Vendetta (2005) - 9/10

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