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Posted by GracieLou6 (Member # 37793) on :
UPDATE: it’s been too quiet over here lately! Spread the word! I want to really have some fun with this, and get all of us 80s people chatting more!! Keep 'em coming, also, include TV shows and stuff like that!

Hey everyone! I'm bored and on summer break, and I recently rewatched Girls Just Want to Have Fun, American Dreamer, and Adventures in Babysitting. I discovered a weird trend: all of these movies have scenes with a girl hanging upside down! Crazy, huh? What are the odds??!! This inspired me (since it's summer and I'm bored) to compile a list of all the movie scenes from 80s films/TV where girls are upside down! Hanging on monkey bars, sitting on a bed or couch, tied up, whatever! I imagine there would be a lot like the scene in Babysitting, where the girl is lying on her bed with her head upside down off the side. Help me add to this list, for fun! [Big Grin]

So far:
* Planes, Trains, & Airplanes (girl on bus)
* American Dreamer (JoBeth Williams tied up)
* Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Helen hunt outside of the window)
* Adventures In Babysitting (singing on bed)
* Sheena (hanging from a tree)
* Blood Harvest (gory, yikes D:)
* The Thing (tied up, also scary)
* Teen Witch (looking under her bed)
Let's keep this thread alive!!!!

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