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Posted by cindymancini (Member # 679) on :
Got to meet Virginia Madsen this weekend too! She told me the same thing that Cynthia Gibb told me about how they filmed Modern Girls during all night shoots from like midnight to 6-7 a.m. & that it was fun but exhausting! She said there were a lot of "freaks" in the club scenes and that some of the cast would get followed home after shooting which was kind of creepy. She said "Isn't this such a time capsule?" when I handed her my VHS copy to sign. I agreed & said the soundtrack was amazing too!

I told her since I already met Cynthia and now her, that Daphne is the last person I need to complete the autograph set! She went on to say how much she loved Daphne & what a great friend she is [Smile] !

Good to know Margo & Kelly are still tight!! Well, here we are!!


Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
You both look fantastic!
I´m a big Virginia Madsen fan and own all her 80s films.
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :
watch out cindy,that person stood behind you might be the candyman [Big Grin]

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Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
First of your recent celebrity meets that I'm truly jealous of. She's very beautiful today (well, let's face it, you both are!) but I always picture her in Electric Dreams when I think of her, where she had something extra special going on....
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
is modern girls a good movie? never heard of it untill today
Posted by skatexedge (Member # 5712) on :
Wow! I'm impressed!
Posted by the young warrior (Member # 9554) on :

this chiller theatre event seems really awesome,looks like it has a great line up of guests,your very lucky cindy,would love to meet some of these guys and gals.

i didn't know samantha fox was that well known stateside,i know she had a few big pop hits over here in the u.k in the days and she was also well known as a topless model in the english news paper - the sun.

from that list of guests say i could meet just 5 it would have to be

virginia madsen
steven bauer
linda blair
lee majors

actually i can't do it if it was just 5,because i would also like to meet billy drago,deborah foreman,andrew mccarthy,bronson pinchot,judy landers,the porky's crew,etc,etc.

i would love to go to one of these film conventions,never know maybe one day i'll get the chance.

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Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
ive heard of valet girls, valley girl, the goodbye girl, who's that girl and even the earth girls who are easy but not the modern girls
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
It´s a cool movie with a great soundtrack, Good Package.
Get the dvd Modern Girls dvd
Posted by skatexedge (Member # 5712) on :
I'd love to meet Virginia Madsen! Still gorgeous!!
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
Amazing! Love the movie, the soundtrack, Virginia, Daphne, Cynthia. Did you talk about Youngblood with Cynthia?
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
Virginia will always be Madeline from Electric Dreams to me...
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
if atomik says its good, then thats good enough for me

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