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Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :

"Private School" ranks as one of my all-time fav T&A flicks.  It was a movie that took awhile to get released on DVD, to the point that I even signed one of those meaningless online petitions several years ago.  So needless to say, I bought "Private School" on DVD the day it was released.  Cindy Mancini was in line in front of me though.. 

The triangle of lust between Matthew Modine, Phoebe Cates, and Betsy Russell was so entertaining.  As a teenager I was totally in awe of Betsy Russell's looks in "Private School" and even though Jordan was a not so nice girl.. I still enjoyed her temptress ways.  But in the end, Christine RamsJones was such the right choice for Jim..


The soundtrack is loaded with 80's greatness.. Rick Springfield, Vanity 6, The Stray Cats, Bow Wow Wow, Trio, Bill Wray, and even tunes by Phoebe  Cates.


I loved how they used Vanity 6's "Nasty Girl" in the movie. It fit in great with the girls dorm invasion by Bubba's beauties.  And Speaking of Bubba.. such a great character..Hey, there little red riding hood.  


But the tune that sticks out the most for me is Rick Springfield's "American Girl" that was used brilliantly during the aerobics routine scene. I actually always rewind that part at least once everytime I watch "Private School". 


btw, as a guy and a Betsy Russell fan, there is probably no need to elaborate about what is the most memorable scene from "Private School" in my opinion...  

"That is the finest example of bareback riding I've ever seen."

80's T&A movie fans .. bring it!
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
Silly. Crude. Totally 80's. Love it.

The obligatory 'guys-dressed-as-girls-who-look-like-your-mother' scene puts this one a few rungs higher than the average T&A movie. Or maybe that was the horse-riding scene...
Posted by Secret Admirer (Member # 3574) on :
This is one of those first 80s movies for me that I saw as a youngster and considered iconic. It made a big impression on me. This is my kind of flick!
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
This is one of my ultimate favorites!

T&A done so well......that you love the characters the storyline......the bouncing 80's boobs!

I saw this alot on USA Up All Night as a kid.....I always thought even the censored version was one I should keep the volume quiet so I wouldn't get in trouble for watching it! haha

I hated Jordan then she was such a boyfriend stealer.......her mischievous ways....Now I love Betsy Russell more then the other actors haha

You know whats funny though....I always thought Bubba and Betsy's (character) back and fourths were so funny.

"I want you to know I like a lot of whatchmacallit....foreplay......"is that enough?....I guess so" HA!
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
How about a Rick Springfield guilty pleasure tune?

His music is obviously geared toward the ladies, but I always crank the tune "The American Girl" when it randomly pops up on my ipod because of the movie "Private School"!

Private School Aerobics (click the pic to watch)
Posted by Zach (Member # 9459) on :
Since Valley was so kind to link this thread in the Top 5 Guilty Pleasures list, I thought I'd revive it.

After enjoying Fast Times at Ridgemont High so much and learning that Phoebe Cates did a similar movie called Private School, I knew I had to track a copy. I finally got a copy on DVD for Christmas back in 2008. It didn't disappoint.

Despite Cates being top billed, I thought that Betsy Russell stole the show and emerged as the true star of Private School. Her beauty was alluring here and she played the "boyfriend-stealer/rival" to the hilt. The scene where Jordan brings Jim (while he's still in drag) into her bedroom and undresses and has him give her a massage is my favorite from any 80s T&A movie. Using Vanity 6's Nasty Girl was a great complement to her character because after all, she was a nasty girl!

The soundtrack for this one is perfect. What makes it so memorable to me is how each song fits the scene it plays in. From the opening montage set to Rock This Town to the aforementioned aerobics montage with American Girl, every song has a purpose for its inclusion. It's also a fantastic sampling of popular music from the early '80s. You can't go wrong with Rick Springfield, the Stray Cats, Trio, Vanity 6, Bow Wow Wow, Harry Nilsson, and Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.

I also liked the arcade scene where Jim is on the phone with Christine while Bubba and Roy mock him in the background. I just wish it had shown a little more of the games in the background, although I did recognize Asteroids Deluxe.
Posted by xchazx (Member # 7158) on :
this is a fine movie.
Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
So, everytime I try to convince my wife to watch an 80's movie with me, I pick out 5 or so that I want to see, and she picks one from that group.....she picked "Private School" last night....sweet!

This was pretty much a first viewing for me...vaugly remember some parts. * Very confident that I would have remembered the horseback riding scene if I had seen it before....swing!

Betsy was looking fine, but is it just me....I didn't think Phoebe looked quite as good in this movie. She's one of my favs and I loves her so, but....did she look a bit different in this?
Posted by Bodhi Zephyr (Member # 9067) on :
betsy russell!
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
I TRIED to watch this movie yesterday. It is on Netflix streaming now. Ugh, it was so bad, I only made it through about 30 minutes of it. I got to the part where Matthew Modine and Phoebe Cates are at the drug store. If I wanted T&A or out right porn I would have rented that. I thought it was really trashy. No wonder Phoebe Cates wishes this wasn't on her resume. I guess it's a good movie for a tweener or teenage boy.
Posted by Bernie_Lomax (Member # 8571) on :
This is a movie I saw when i was like 8 and always wondered over the years what it was and finally got to watch it a couple years back and I too stopped watching it at the same point in the movie.

At 8 I thought this is the best movie ever conceived, at 30 I wish I could have summoned the same enthusiasm.

Thumbs down for me but thumbs up for Betsy Russell.
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
Loved it for the longest time and now, I cannot watch it! Ha..
I really like Cates...but not so much her character in this one.

The tunes are great. I own the soundtrack on vinyl. [Smile]
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Yeah Ronnie, the tunes were great- that was the only redeeming quality of this movie. Liked the Rick Springfield tune.
Posted by gotta go back (Member # 9818) on :
Oh really Valley. So you signed that petition? Thanks alot. Now all my VHS copies are worthless. Before the DVD came out they would bring $15-20. On the bright side, I will have a lifetime supply of Private School videos. Just kidding with ya Valley. I dont mind though cause I liked it, especially every guys favorite scene on the horse.
Betsy Russell looked great but if you have not seen her lately, Google her, she is amazing looking. She actually makes Private School Betsy Russell look very average.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
i like this movie
Posted by Veronica Sawyer (Member # 2221) on :
I have tried to watch a couple of times but can never get into it. It's gotten a lot of praise from people on the Rewind though...Don't really get it.
Posted by The Good Package (Member # 9492) on :
well, this movie is better than meatballs 2, but then again alot of movies are
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
Originally posted by Veronica Sawyer:
I have tried to watch a couple of times but can never get into it. It's gotten a lot of praise from people on the Rewind though...Don't really get it.

It's just one of the definitive T & A college flicks of the time. I like it, but it's definitely a little on the silly side.
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
Oh my people!!!! [Smile]

I watched this last week! maybe because I watched it so much then, i'm able to still enjoy it now???
Posted by Veronica Sawyer (Member # 2221) on :
Muffy & Logan...I will try watching it again! I really do want to like this movie...
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
you besta!'s just like me and Fire with Fire.....I want to like it...I do... [Smile]
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
Originally posted by Muffy Tepperman:
you besta!'s just like me and Fire with Fire.....I want to like it...I do... [Smile]

...and you're going to like it!!! [Big Grin] [Wink]
Posted by WolfmansGotNards (Member # 5910) on :
Phoebe Cates attempting to buy condoms always cracks me up.
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
I like both movies and few more .. is that acceptable? [Wink]
Posted by Pyro (Member # 7658) on :
I actually finally got to see this movie for the first time recently. Didn't know why I waited so long to finally see it, but now I do. I don't really care for this film. Sure the Betsy Russell T&A is nice, and she is smokin' in this movie. But that's pretty much ALL this movie has going for it. I guess you had to have seen it back in the 80's, huh?

But I still hear the buzz that many still consider this the definitive T&A movie of the 80's??? I think that's pretty sad if that's true..I would personally go for a better film like Revenge of the Nerds or Hardbodies or something like that as my pick.

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