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Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
I thought I'd start this thread because of my recent find. I absolutely love The Muppets...and I absolutely love Christmas. So...The Muppet Family Christmas was always always high on my list of "wants" but I could never bring myself to pay the crazy prices they ask on most of you may know, this movie has been Out Of Print for some time. Anyhoo...last week I went on a shopping trip to the city with my wife and 3 year old son (about a 1.5 hour drive) and stopped at a small town so my son could pee [Smile] . I intentionally chose to stop at a certain store called "The Giant Tiger" as I was there about a month ago, and passed up on "Casual Sex" DVD for $2.99...I figured it would still be there. As I went to the DVD rack to find was gone. But as I rounded the corner to the other side, my heart stopped....a giant rack of Christmas movies...all for $4.99 each. I frantically did my initial scan (after I pushed a couple of old ladies out of the way) and there, to my surprise, sitting quietly in the son...peeing in his, no, was A Muppet Family Christmas DVD. I was even too stunned to grab it right's that what I think it can't be...I looked around suspiciously...was someone playing a prank on me? Finally, back to reality, I sprung and grabbed it. To my even greater surprise, another copy, and another, and another...and another! Five copies of A Muppet Family a store...for $4.99 each! HOOOLY CRAPPPP! Selfishly, not thinking of any little boy or girl who may have loved to see this classic for the first time...I bought all five copies. Four copies on ebay...and one sitting right next to me with my other 70 Christmas movies.

* Sorry so long winded...I was excited. So...what was your best find?
Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
PS...yes I is surprising that I actually found someone to marry me!
Posted by Pittsburghgirl (Member # 7514) on :
Nice story kevdug. I found a place about 30 min. from my house that sells used dvd's. I haven't been in there in a while. I bought Donnie Brasco for $5 when I was there last in the springtime. I'll have to get back there,as I'm sure people have probably traded in/ sold some stuff for Christmas money. That was a good idea buying up the rest of the Muppets dvd- that will pay for your copy, plus give you more money to spend on other dvd's!
Posted by Earl Keese (Member # 7986) on :
That's too funny kevdug and i know the feeling exactly. There have been a couple times I have been truly surprised to the point of not knowing excatly how to react at first. It's like when you see the cover art, you are immediately transported back to when you fell in love with a movie.

For me, I opened up a Neighbors DVD with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd on Christmas morning from my wife and while I just sat there and stared at it blank faced, I heard a little voice in the fog faintly saying "What's the matter don't you like it?" Which snapped me back to reality and a grin spread across my face as I looked her in the eye and gave her a simple "awwwwesome". [Smile]

My current White Whales (on DVD only as I no longer own a working VCR) are:

Up The Creek
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
Scavenger Hunt
and holding out hope that they decide to give The Road Warrior a proper 7-disc collectors edition! [Razz]
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
Kev - Christmas movies, eh? When are they going to release 'Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus'?

Never had a good DVD 'find', since everything's available on the internet now. All my great finds predate the internet. Nothing's been the same since.

Earl - 'Scavenger Hunt' is available as a bootleg DVD on ebay UK. I'm amazed that 'Up the Creek' wasn't released ages ago.
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Years ago, I found the rubbish pan/scan UK version of The Wraith for like 99 pence.

... And that is what introduced me to the movie... [Smile]
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
I cant off the top of my head think of any - I do most of my shopping online and usually aim to pay in the $5-$10 range (yes, I buy used).-but I just wanted to add that i too love the MUPPETS. I dont think Ive ever seen this particular movie though! The ones I have so far are THE MUPPET MOVIE (my favorite of all of em, GREAT MUPPET CAPER and THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTEN. I wasnt a huge fan of the later days ones but Im sure someday my best friend will pick them up for me for birthdays and Christmases.

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