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Posted by smiffy (Member # 7572) on :
I'm trying to remember the name of a film which probably came out in the late '70s/early '80s. It was made in Australia and concerns an electronics genius who lives in a rundown, remote seaside house. He has a bad car accident, is paralysed and has to move into a modern apartment in the city. He is allocated a nurse to look after him. Strange things start happening in the apartment such as blood coming up through the plug-hole in the kitchen sink. Nurse starts to suspect that something is going on in the apartment above (though I don't think she or hero ever see the blood as it happens at dead of night). Nurse goes up to investigate and somehow gains access to empty apartment. She looks round but fails to notice dead woman's body in the shower. Later she shares the lift going down with fellow from the apartment above and sees woman's head in carrier bag fellow is carrying. She screams and that is the last we ever see of her. I can't remember how the film ends or any of the actors except that it was made at a time when Ray Barrett was making lots of films in Australia but I don't think he was in this one. The whole film is very moody with very little dialogue and nothing ever seems to be explained. I think the hero continues to design things from his bed and maybe engineers the detection of the murder(s).

Does it ring any bells?
Posted by Enerchal (Member # 7806) on :
It does ring bells. I've been looking for the name of this movie for ages. I've tried IMDB's keyword search but never been able to find it.

I remember it was an Australian movie, almost a remake of Hitch****'s Rear Window. The man is an invalid of sorts and returns from hospital to his apartment where it's kitted out with TV monitors showing everywhere in the apartment block that's public domain.
After he gets paranoid that his neighbour has killed his wife/mistress, a nurse goes to look for clues but fails to spot a severed head in a glass fronted washine machine.
Later, towards the end of the movie, the nurse gets in an elevator with the suspect husband, happens to look down at a canvas bag he is carrying and sees an eye staring back at her through a hole in the bag.

Altogether a very creepy movie, I just wish I knew the name.
Posted by HeWhoWalksBehindTheRows (Member # 7821) on :
the only one that comes to mind is: Patrick (1978)
Posted by Enerchal (Member # 7806) on :
No. I've seen Patrick before. Weird guy in a hospital bed. This is different. A sick guy in a wheelchair I think.

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