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Posted by metlupass2 (Member # 6967) on :
I've been searching and searching for this movie. I know its from the 80's and its about a guy gymnast on a team or something like that. I was almost positive that it was Jason Gedrick, but after searching on IMDB I can't find it. I was just a little kid when I saw it, probably 15 years ago or so.

The only real thing I remember is a scene where hes swinging around on the bar and he flies off and crashes into the instructor whos some huge muscular guy that starts to bleed all over the place.

Anyone know the movie? Its driving me nuts!!
Posted by WolfmansGotNards (Member # 5910) on :
Maybe its Gymkata ?

Gymnast - Check

Swinging on parallel bars - Check

Crashing into a muscular guy? Sorry, don't remember, I think I last saw this on HBO in the 80s [Razz]
Posted by metlupass2 (Member # 6967) on :
No it was definately in the US...thanks though.
Posted by goresnet (Member # 6592) on :
maybe "American Anthem"
Posted by metlupass2 (Member # 6967) on :
Thanks!! Thats it. Too bad its not on DVD though.

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