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Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
The title says it all. I've been trying to find a list of all the 80's movies that had novelisation’s written. Because it looks like such a list doesn't exist, we should try and make it here!

Just to clarify, the list should be books that would never have existed without the film itself. You can give honourable mention to books that have been forgotten because of the films success (i.e.: 'First Blood'), and you can stray into other decades if you like, but let's try and keep it focused on the 80's (for the 70's list see here: 70's Movie Novelisations - The Big List!.


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Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
The library in town has the novelization for Dead Poet's Society.
Posted by AdventuresInGooniesitting (Member # 1882) on :
I know for a fact that there is an Adventures in Babysitting novelization. I've known about it since grade school, and I often see copies on eBay.

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Posted by evilash (Member # 6155) on :
Battle of Endor
Posted by intothesea13 (Member # 6353) on :
Friday the 13th Part 3 if you can believe it. Hilarious if you're a fan of those movies, which I am (shamefully).
Posted by phatpants (Member # 5784) on :
I have Howard the Duck by Ellis Weiner...and no, I'm not kidding! That is the author's name!
Posted by NowhereGirl (Member # 465) on :
i was thinking about getting the one for ALIENS. (covers parts 1, 2 & 3).
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
It's worth pointing out that many of these books would be based on an early draft or the actual shooting script (before final edits). Therefore the books themselves can have scenes that were shot but never released, or scenes that they decided not to film at the last minute ('Back to the Future', 'Goonies' and 'Explorers' spring to mind). So if you're fans of any the films mentioned... pick up the novel!


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Posted by Helen_S (Member # 5804) on :
I have The Karate Kid 1, 2 and 3 novels and also Ghostbusters 2 [Smile]
Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
There were various times that I read the novelizations to An American Tale (this version starting with an introductory segment by a centenarian Fievel telling the tale to his grandson), Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Spaceballs, and The Little Mermaid (Ursula was still Triton's sister here, so that apparently was an absolute last minute deletion)

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Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
Ok, we're really rolling now! I've done some more digging myself and the updated list is...

Absence of Malice
Abyss, The
Accused, The
Adventures in Babysitting
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The
Agnes of God
Aliens 2
Aliens 3
An American Tale
An Officer and a Gentleman
April Fools Day
Baby... Secret of the Lost Legend
Back to the Future/2/3
Batteries Not Included
Blob, The
Blues Brothers, The
Bride, The
Bronco Billy
Buckaroo Banzai
Cannonball Run, The
Clash of the Titans.
Coca-Cola Kid, The (Woo-Woo Kid)
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Dangerous Summer, A
Dead Bang
Dead Poets Society
Desperately Seeking Susan
Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Dressed to Kill
Empire Strikes Back, The
Enemy Mine
Ewoks: Battle for Endor
Exterminator, The
Fade to Black
Fatal Attraction
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Final Countdown, The
Flash Gordon
Fog, The
For Keeps
For Your Eyes Only
Fort Apache, the Bronx
Friday the 13th Part 3
Friday the 13th Part 6 (Jason Lives)
Ghostbusters 2
Golden Child, The
Grease 2
Gregory’s Girl
Gremlins 2
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Harry and the Hendersons
Heartbreak Ridge
Heavy Metal
Herbie Goes Bananas
Honey I Blew Up the Kids
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Honky Tonk Man
Howard the Duck
Indiana Jones: Last Crusade
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom
Invasion U.S.A.
Jake Speed
Jazz Singer, The
Journey of Natty Gann, The
Karate Kid 1, The
Karate Kid 2, The
Karate Kid 3, The
Killing Fields, The
King of the Mountain
Kitty and the Bagman
Last Starfighter, The
Lean On Me
Legal Eagles
Lethal Weapon
License to Drive
License to Kill
Little Darlings
Little Mermaid, The
Living Daylights, The
Long Good Friday. The
Lost Boys, The
Mad Max 2
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
Manhatten Project, The
Melvin and Howard
Mona Lisa
Morning After, The
Music Box
My Bodyguard
My Science Project
Next Karate Kid, The
Nightmares on Elm Street 1, 2, 3 (1 book)
Nightmares on Elm Street 4 & 5 (1 book)
Oh! Heavenly Dog
Omen 3 – The Final Conflict, The
Outrageous Fortune
Over the Top
Poltergeist II
Porkys 2
Predator 2
Pretty in Pink
Psycho II
Rambo III
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Return of the Jedi
Return of the Swamp Thing, The
Return to Oz
Return to Snowy River
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Ruthless People
Santa Claus the Movie
Seduction, The
Short Circuit
Short Circuit
Some Kind of Wonderful
Southern Comfort
Spies Like Us
Star Trek II/III/IV
Staying Alive
Streets of Gold
Sudden Impact
Superman III
Survival Run
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Thing, The
Three Amigos!
Time Bandits
Top Gun
Tough Guys
Toy Soldiers
Twilight Zone the Movie
Vice Squad
View to a Kill, A
Visiting Hours
Wall Street
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Willie and Phil
Young Sherlock Holmes

Honourable mentions to books from which movies were made (some have been eclipsed by the movie):

Bladerunner (Originally ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’)
Fast Times
First Blood
Honky Tonk Man
Outsiders, The
Princess Bride, The
Rumble Fish
Something Wicked This Way Comes
That was Then - This is Now
Thing, The (Novel based on film based on original novel)
Watcher in the Woods

I’ve included sequels from the 90’s if they’re spin-offs from 80’s originals.

Movies that had comic-book adaptations:

Buckaroo Banzai
Conan the Barbarian
Dark Crystal, The
Flash Gordon
Howard the Duck
Last Starfighter, The
Little Shop of Horrors
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rock and Rule
Santa Claus the Movie
Star Wars - Empire/Jedi
Superman III
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Posted by P.S. It's Paul.... (Member # 1022) on :
Originally posted by logan5:
It's worth pointing out that many of these books would be based on an early draft or the actual shooting script (before final edits). Therefore the books themselves can have scenes that were shot but never released, or scenes that they decided not to film at the last minute ('Back to the Future', 'Goonies' and 'Explorers' spring to mind). So if you're fans of any the films mentioned... pick up the novel!

This is so true of Some kind Of Wonderful. The early shooting script and the novel actually fill in a lot of gaps that the finished edit leave hanging (such as Watts' first name...!) and there's a whole deleted scene with Duncan and Cliff Nelson in the school corridor that adds loads of color to the relationship between Keith and Duncan.

If you've not read it, the shooting script can be downloaded from Robert's excellent SKOW shrine site here: WWW.SOMEKINDOFWONDERFUL.ORG
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
Exactly, when you're a fan of a film reading the novel can be a real eye-opener about how it could've been. That's part of why I wanted to put the list together: Pretty in Pink has the original ending; Goonies had scenes with the Octopus and Gorillas; Explorers has the birthday party scene; Back to the Future has the original intro set in high school. Novels aren't always that well written, but they're a great source of information for how a film was intended to be.
Posted by NowhereGirl (Member # 465) on :
holy crap, i didn't know all of THOSE existed!

the last starfighter and some kind of wonderful? those sound great. [Smile]
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
I'm sure there are many many more! When (if) people add other titles I'll just update the list above, rather than reposting it.
Posted by MooseCrack (Member # 6604) on :
lost boys!
Posted by JCWBobC (Member # 2525) on :
I have these plus a ton more up in my attic. I'll try and make a better list but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica photo novel
For Keeps
Friday the 13th 6 Jason Lives
Grease photo novel
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Lost Boys
Nightmares on Elm Street 1, 2, 3(1 book)
Nightmares on Elm Street 4 & 5(1 book)
Porkys 2
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Wanderers

Posted by NowhereGirl (Member # 465) on :
oooh, battlestar galactica is good, i hear.

if i'm not mistaken, there is also one for HALLOWEEN 4, and supposedly.. it's really good as well.
Posted by JCWBobC (Member # 2525) on :
I found some more books in my attic:

Fatal Attraction
Lords of Flatbush
The Thing
Vice Squad
Karate Kid 1
Karate Kid 2
The Jerk
Ben (the sequel to Willard)

Posted by JCWBobC (Member # 2525) on :
Forgot about:

Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Battlestar Galactica 2: Cylon Death Machine
(Gun on Ice Planet Zero)

Posted by Gigawatt? (Member # 4796) on :
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
Bumping this to say I've updated (with many thanks to Lovers With Cassie for his additions). I've removed the 70's stuff and will create a separate 70's list.

This is far from complete, and some of the movies will have been based on a source novel. Where possible I've removed the movie from the list and added it to the 'eclipsed' list at the bottom. Sometimes it's hard to tell which came first.
Posted by Zach (Member # 9459) on :
I actually have a copy of the Gremlins novelization that I bought from a used bookstore two years ago. George Gipes (the author) did a very good job of translating the movie into a novel, and as is the case with so many movie novelizations, based his upon an early draft of the screenplay. In the book, Mr. Futterman gets to explain more about the gremlins he and other pilots in WWII supposedly encountered on their planes. The movie only briefly touched on this, so it's nice to have the novelization as a companion.
Posted by Veronica Sawyer (Member # 2221) on :
I have the novelizations for April Fool's Day and Poltergeist 1 & 2. Haven't gotten around to reading them yet though.
Posted by Logan 5 (Member # 1467) on :
Quite right Zack. As pointed out by you, and by some others (including myself) above; if you really like a movie it's always worth checking out the novel, because they often have scenes from earlier drafts which don't wind up in the final movie - some of which are really good.

I have the novelizations for April Fool's Day and Poltergeist 1 & 2. Haven't gotten around to reading them yet though.
The curse of the novelisation!
Posted by Lovers with Cassie (Member # 7794) on :
This is a list of films that are based on novels.

The titles in brackets are the original titles of the novels.

Absolute Beginners
The Accidental Tourist
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (Allan Quatermain)
All of Me (Me Two)
Alphabet City
Altered States
The Amateur
The Ambassador (52 Pick-Up)
Americana (The Perfect Round)
Angel Heart (Falling Angel)
Angry Harvest
Anna to the Infinite Power
Appointment with Death
The Assault
The Assisi Underground
The Awakening (The Jewel of Seven Stars)
Bad Medicine (Calling Dr Horowitz)
The Bear (The Grizzy King)
The Beastmaster (The Beast Master)
The Beast Within
Beau Pere
The Bedroom Window (The Witnesses)
The Believers (The Religion)
Bellman and True
Below the Belt (To Smithereens)
The Berlin Affair (The Buddhist Cross)
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Best Defence (Easy and Hard Ways Out)
Betty Blue
Beyond the Limit (The Honorary Consul)
Beyond the Reef (Tikoyo and His Shark)
The Big Town (The Arm)
The Black Cauldron
The Black Marble
Black Rain
The Black Stallion Returns
Blood and Sand
Blue City
The Blue Lagoon
The Bostonians
The Brave Little Toaster
Brewster's Millions
The Bride
Bright Lights, Big City
Burglar (Burglar in the Closet)
Cannery Row (Cannery Row/Sweet Thursday)
Careful, He Might Hear You
Carmen 1983
Carmen 1984
Cat Chaser
Cattle Annie and Little Britches
The Chocolate War
The Chosen War
A Christmas Story (In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash)
Circle of Deceit
Circle of Two (A Lesson In Love)
The Clan of the Cave Bear
Clara's Heart
Cobra (Fair Game)
Code Name: Emerald (The Emerald Illusion)
Cold River (Winterkill)
The Color of Money
The Color Purple
Compromising Positions
Condorman (The Game of X)
Confidentally Yours (The Long Saturday Night)
Cop (Blood on the Moon)
Cop au Vin (Une mort en Trop)
Corrupt (The Order of Death)
The Couch Trip
Coup de Torchon (Pop. 1280)
Cutter's Way (Cutter and Bone)
Dance of the Dwarfs
Dancing in the Dark
Dangerous Liaisons (The Dangerous Acquaintances)
Daniel (The Book of Love)
Das Boot
The Dawning (The Old Jest)
Dead Calm
Deadly Eyes (The Rats)
Deadly Friend (Friend)
Dead Man's Float
Dead of Winter (The Woman in Red)
The Dead Zone
Death Watch (The Continous Katherine Mortenhoe or The Unsleeping Eye)
The Deceivers
Deja Vu (Always)
Desert Hearts (Desert of the Heart)
Devil in the Flesh
Die Hard (Nothing Lasts Forever)
Dirty Tricks (The Glendower Legacy)
Dog Day
The Dogs of War
Dona Herlinda and Her Son
Double Negative (The Three Roads)
The Dressmaker
Drugstore Cowboy
A Dry White Season
Dust (In the Heart of the Country)
Eat a Bowl of Tea
Eddie and the Cruisers
Eddie Macon's Run
Edge of Sanity (The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
8 Million Ways to Die
Empire of the Sun
Endless Love
Enemies: A Love Story
Enigma (Enigma Sacrifice)
The Entity
The Escape Artist
Everybody's All-American
The Evil That Men Do
Evil Under the Sun
Eye of the Needle
The Eyes of the Amaryllis
Family Business 1986
Family Business 1989
The Family Game
The Fan
Farewell to the King
Fast-Walking (The Rap)
The Feud
A Few Days with Me
Ffolkes (Esther, Ruth and Jennifer)
Field of Dreams (Shoeless Joe)
52 Pick-Up
Fighting Back (Tom)
The Final Option (The Tiptoe Boys)
Finders Keepers (The Next-to-Last Train Ride)
The First Deadly Sin
Fish Hawk
A Flash of Green
A Flight of Rainbirds
The Flight of the Eagle
Flowers in the Attic
Foreign Body
For Love Alone
The Formula
Fort Saganne
The Fourth Man
The Fourth Protocol
The Fox and the Hound
Frankenstein General Hospital (Frankenstein)
The French Lieutenant's Woman
The Fringe Dwellers
Full Metal Jacket
Funny Farm
Gabriela (Gabriela, Cravo e Canela)
The Gamble
The Gamekeeper
Garde a Vue (Brainwash)
Gardens of Stone
Ghost Story
The Girl in a Swing
The Girl with the Red Hair
The Golden Seal (A River Ran Out of Eden)
The Good Father
The Good Mother
Gor (Tarnsman of Gor)
Gorky Park
The Grand Highway
The Grass is Singing
The Great Mouse Detective (Basil of Baker Street)
Green Ice
Grendel Grendel Grendel (Grendel)
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (Tarzan of the Apes)
Half Moon Street (Doctor Slaughter)
The Hand (The Lizard's Tail)
A Handful of Dust
Hard Feelings
Hard Traveling (Bread and a Stone)
The Hatter's Ghost
Haunted Summer
Heart of Dixie (Heartbreak Hotel)
Heat and Dust
Heidi's Song (Heidi)
Here Come the Littles
Hero and the Terror
High Road to China
Hit and Run (80 Dollars to Stamford)
The Holcroft Covenant
The Home and the World
Honkytonk Man
The Hotel New Hampshire
The Hour of the Star
House of the Long Shadows (Seven Keys to Baldpate)
The House Where Evil Dwells
The Howling
Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (The Howling II)
Howling III (The Howling III: Echoes)
Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (The Howling)
Howling V: The Rebirth
How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired
The Hunger
The Hunter
I Am the Cheese
If You Could See What I Hear
I Hate Actors
I Married a Shadow (I Married a Dead Man)
In a Shallow Grave
In Country
The Incredible Shrinking Woman (The Shrinking Man)
The Incubus
The Innocent
Innocent Victim (Tree of Hands)
Inside Moves
I Sent a Letter to My Love
The Island
I, the Jury
Jean de Florette
Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again (Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde)
The Jigsaw Man
Jimmy the Kid
Johnny Handsome (The Three Worlds of Johnny Handsome)
Joshua Then and Now
A Judgment in Stone
Just Ask for Diamond (The Falcon's Malteser)
Just Tell Me What You Want
Kamikaze '89 (Mord im 31 Stock)
The Keep
The Kidnapping of the President
A Killing Affair (Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday)
Killing 'em Softly
King's Solomons Mines
Kiss of the Spider Woman
The Ladies Club (The Sisterhood)
Lady Chatterley's Lover
The Lair of the White Woman
La Lectrine
La Nuit de Varennes
La Passante
La Pelle
Last Exit to Brooklyn
The Last Temptation of Christ
The Last Unicorn
Le Caviar Rouge
The Legend of the Holy Drinker
Legend of the White Horse (White Horse, Dark Dragon)
Less Than Zero
Let It Ride (Good Vibes)
L'etoile du Nord (Le Locataire)
Lifeforce (The Space Vampires)
The Lightship
Light Years (The Machine Men versus Gandahar)
Light Years Away (Les Annee)
Lili Marleen (The Heavens Have Many Colours)
Little Dorritt
The Little Drummer Girl
The Lonely Lady
The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne
Looks and Smiles
The Lords of Discipline
A Love in Germany
MacArthur's Children
Madam Sousatzka
The Makioka Sisters
Malone (Shotgun)
Manhunter (Red Dragon)
Manifesto (Pour une nuit d'amour)
Man on Fire
Manon of the Spring
The Man with Bogart's Face
Man, Woman and Child
Marvin and Tige
Maxie (Marion's Wall)
The McGuffin
Me and Him
The Mean Season (In the Heat of the Summer)
Memed My Hawk
Memoirs of a Survivor
The Men's Club
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (The Seed and the Sower)
Messenger of Death (The Avenging Angel)
The Mighty Quinn (Finding Maubee)
The Milagro Beanfield War
The Mirror Crack'd (The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side)
The Misadventures of Mr. Wilt (Wilt)
The Misfit Brigade
Mishima (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kyoko's House and Runaway Horses)
Monkey Grip
Monkey Shines
Monsieur Hire (Les Fiancailles de M. Hire)
Monsignor Quixote
Monster Island
A Month in the Country
The Moon in the Gutter
The Mosquito Coast
Muddy River
My Life as a Dog
The Naked Face
The Name of the Rose
Native Son
The Natural
The Nest
The NeverEnding Story
The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
Nickel Mountain
A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (Aren't You Even Gonna Kiss Me Goodbye?)
Night of the Juggler
Nine 1/2 Weeks
Nineteen Eighty-Four
The Ninth Configuration (Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane)
No Big Deal (Would You Settle for Improbable?)
Nobody's Perfekt (Two for the Price of One)
Now and Forever
No Way Out (The Big Clock)
Obssessed (Hit and Run)
Of Unknown Origin (The Visitor)
Old Gringo (Gringo Viejo)
Oliver and Company (Oliver Twist)
Once Upon a Time in America (The Hoods)
One Deadly Summer
Ordeal by Innocence
Ordinary People
The Ostermann Weekend
Outlaw of Gor
The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick
Paperhouse (Marianne Dreams)
Pascali's Island
A Passage of India
Passione d'amore
Pelle the Conqueror
Pet Sematary
The Phantom of the Opera
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (The Adventures of Pinocchio)
Pixote (The Childhood of the Dead Ones)
The Plague Dogs
The Pope of Greenwich Village
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Powwow Highway
A Prayer for the Dying
Private Lessons (Philly)
Prizzi's Honor
Puberty Blues
The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (Free Fall)
Querelle (Querelle de Brest)
Quest of Fire
The Quiet Earth
The Rachel Papers
The Rainbow
Raise the Titanic!
The Razor's Edge
Red Sorghum
Return (Some Other Place. The Right Place)
The Return of Josey Wales (Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales)
The Return of Martin Guerre (The Wife of Martin Guerre)
Return of the Living Dead
The Return of the Musketeers (Twenty Years Later)
The Return of the Soldier
Return to Oz (The Marvellous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz)
Reuben, Reuben
Richard's Things
The Right Hand Man
River of Death
Robbery Under Arms
A Room with a View
The Rosary Murders
The Rose Garden (Der SS -- Arzt und die Kinder)
Rough Cut (Touch the Lion's Paw)
The Running Man
The Salamander
Saving Grace
The Scarecrow
Scrooged (A Christmas Carol)
The Sea Wolves (Boarding Party)
The Secret of NIMH (Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH)
Secret Places
Seize the Day
Seperate Vacations
Serial (Serial: A Life in the Life of Marin County)
Shanghai Surprise (Faraday's Flowers)
Sharky's Machine
She-Devil (The Life and Loves of a She-Devil)
The Shining
The Shooting Party
The Sicilian
Silas Marner
Silver Bullet (Cycle of the Werewolf)
Six Weeks
Slapstick (of Another Kind) (Slapstick)
Slate, Wyn and Me (Slate and Me and Blanche McBride)
A Soldier's Tale
Some Kind of Hero
Somewhere in Time (Bid Time Return)
Sophie's Choice
Spasms (Death Bite)
Square Dancing
Stand by Me (The Body)
Starlight Hotel (The Dream Monger)
Stars and Bars
Stealing Heaven
Stone Cold Dead (The Sin Sniper)
A Stranger is Watching
Strikebound (Dead Men Don't Dig Coal)
Stroker Ace (Stand On It)
The Stunt Man
Sugar Cane Man
Summer Camp Nightmare (The Butterfly Revolution)
Summer Heat (Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail)
A Sunday in the Country (Monsieur Ladmiral Va Bientot Mourir)
Swann in Love (Remembrance of Things Past)
Sweet Country
Sweet William
Taps (Father Sky)
Ten Little Indians
Terms of Endearment
Thief (The Home Invaders)
The Third Solution (I mertedi del Diavolo)
36 Fillette
Ticket to Heaven
A Tiger's Tale (Love and Other Natural Disasters)
Time After Time
A Time to Die (Six Graves to Munich)
To Live and Die in L.A.
Tough Guys Don't Dance
The Trouble with Spies (Apply Spy in the Sky)
The Trout
True Confessions
Tuck Everlasting
Turtle Diary
Twisted Obsession (The Dream of the Mad Monkey)
Twister (Oh)
2010 (2010: Odyssey Two)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Under Satan's Sun
Under the Volcano
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman
Valmount (The Dangerous Acquaintances)
The Vanishing (The Golden Egg)
The Verdict
Vice Versa
Vision Quest
Wait Until Spring, Bandini
Warlords of the 21st Century
The War of the Roses
We Think the World of You
When the Whales Came (Why the Whales Came)
Where Are the Children?
Where the Boys Are '84 (Where the Boys Are)
Where the River Runs Black
The Whistle Blower
White Dog
White of the Eye (Mrs White)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Who Censored Roger Rabbit?)
Why Would I Lie?
The Wicked Lady (The Life and Death of the Wicked Lady Skelton)
Wild Geese II (The Square Circle)
Winter People
Witches Brew (Conjure Wife)
Without a Trace (Still Missing)
The Wizard of Loneliness
The World According to Garp
Worth Winning
Wrong is Right (The Better Angels)
The Year of Living Dangerously
Year of the Dragon
Yellow Earth
Yes, Giorgio
Yor, the Hunter from the Future (Henga, el cazador)

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Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
Don't forget to mention:

The Princess Bride, written by William Goldman (under the name of S. Morganstern).

I like the book better than the movie version!

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