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Posted by aceofspades70 (Member # 6247) on :
...with the name of a movie.

The only scene I remember is where a group of about 3-4 people are walking through a large warehouse and wonder where one of their accomplices are.

They turn around and see him from behind a good distance, but then notice a garbage truck racing up from behind him.

The guy is deaf, so naturally he can't hear the garbage truck. They start waving at him and he thinks they are waving because they are glad to see him.

He waves back, and at the last second realizes there is something wrong and stops in his tracks.

*WHAM* The garbage truck hits him. That scene was shot in a clever manner.
Posted by evilash (Member # 6155) on :
That sounds so familiar, could it be Maximun Overdrive? Now I am going to go crazy trying to figure that one out. [Confused]
Posted by WolfmansGotNards (Member # 5910) on :
I don't usually answer unless I know the title for sure, but could it be 1990's Men At Work? I haven't seen it in a long time, but it has garbage trucks in it [Big Grin]
Posted by aceofspades70 (Member # 6247) on :
Thanks ya'll! I will check those titles and see what actors I can find, you know, being "systematic" like the Terminator.
Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
I don't think so, there weren't any deaf people in that one. Dead, yes, but not deaf, and the garbage truck does hit anyone, just dump its contents all over the bad guys.
Posted by WolfmansGotNards (Member # 5910) on :
Yeah, I just ff'd through Men At Work and I didn't see any scene where someone gets hit by a garbage truck.

The scene does sound a bit familiar to me as well though... I'll ponder it a bit more!
Posted by james Andrews (Member # 1425) on :
It could have been the great Men At Work, but I don't recall there being a deaf person in the film.  -
Posted by aceofspades70 (Member # 6247) on :
Well guys, this has been a bit of a stumper for most forums.

What I liked the most is the thought behind the scene/shot.

The group (of about 3-4; male and female) is walking along through a large warehouse,

They wonder where "deaf guy" is, (no offense to the deaf)

One of them turns around and sees the "deaf guy", then says to the others, "hey there he is!" (or some variation of dialogue)

They all turn and wave at him. Then they see the garbage truck appraoching.

Then they start waving frantically; he waves back to acknowledge, then realizes that something is wrong.

The brilliant part of this shot is that the "deaf guy" stops with his hand up in the air for the last second (camera front/slight angle/close up), then it cuts to a profile shot of him getting hit by the truck. (with his hand still in the air)

Naturally, it was a prop that got hit by the truck.
Posted by jdocster04 (Member # 5752) on :
It's Maximum Overdrive...
Posted by Nice Guy Sammy Hain (Member # 3150) on :
don't remember any warehouses in Maximum Overdrive
Posted by Aruba4me (Member # 6258) on :
I don't remember any deaf guy in "Maximum Overdrive", just the one kid's dad who gets blinded by the gas at the pump. He DOES get wasted by a truck that plows into him though, it's just that he can't see it.
Posted by aceofspades70 (Member # 6247) on :
Ah ha. Well, I'll rent MO sometime and see if it's in there just to make sure. Heck, it will be a good reminise of an 80's film.

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