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Posted by Marvell (Member # 6203) on :
This is driving me crazy, early 80's Sci-Fi movie. One of my favorite movies as a young man, should be easy for any sci-fi buff here. OK, pretty sure it was Marial Hemingway, and an old guy, probably 50's ish and a bit heavy. He was a bigger star earlier than this I think, his name escapes me too. Hemingway undergoes a full nude laser body scan so the 'bad' company can put her into any commercial they want and don't need her. Also they have some sort of Ray gun that if it zaps you and you aren't wearing the proper suglasses it freezes you in time. You wake up later like 'jeeze what happened to the time?' and later the guy figures it out and gets a gun and then foils there scheme, whatever it was. Maybe they were going to kill her as they didn't need her anymore. I know I say this again 6-7 years ago on A&E of all places, and they didn't even edit out the nudity. I had a chance to order the dvd at the end but forgot. Now I can't even remember what it was called, seems like scanners or trancers, but obviously not as these were different movies. imDb does not list this movie under Marial Hemingway but I am almost positive, probably one of her 1st couple of movies, about the time of Star 80, maybe a little earlier. Thanks for the help friends. Marvell
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
hey Marvell,

you must not know about the awesome if you know the actor it makes looking up a movie title way easy....... imdb

Your movie might be looks like it's on DVD too! i might have to check it out now [Smile] Hope this helps
Posted by WolfmansGotNards (Member # 5910) on :
Are you thinking of Looker (1981)?

I picked up the dvd a while back but I haven't watched it yet, but the idea sounds similar.

No Mariel Hemingway in it though, so you might have to check her list of movies one by one...

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Posted by Marvell (Member # 6203) on :
Yes, it was Looker. I was wrong on Hemingway, it was Susan Dey I believe, from the partridge family. I guess she looks a bit like Hemingway. And the old guy is Albert Finney. I called a buddy last night and he remembered. It's on my netflix list, and if it holds up, I will buy it. Thanks again friends. Marvell

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