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Posted by Booigeman (Member # 6007) on :
Ok so I remember bits and pieces of this old movie I watched as a kid.... I would believe it would be somewhere in the 80's, but anyways.. I remember the setting of the movie took place around a old Quarry hole that had being flooded with water and looked like a small lake or pond.... AT the begining a old man in a boat was out on the pond when the windmill started to turn and the pond began to buble as if some sort of monster lurked in its waters.... and the the ol man was gone.... I remember a boy and a girl and the boy had some sort of dirt bike.... the onlythign else I remember is the ending... when somehow thru th movie the boy is thought to be swallowed by the pond monster... they drain the quarry and turns out its a old quarry shovel ...and when the wind would blow the windmill would start pumping air into a hose that lead into the quarry and the air would make the bucket float... any ideas on the name of this movie?
Posted by Booigeman (Member # 6007) on :
AHHH finally found it... "The Quest" or "Frog Dreaming" such a great old movie

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