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Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
Heads up, Slipstream on tonight 7:15pm on SCFI/HORROR!


Posted by just one of the girls (Member # 5766) on :
What's Slipstream about?
Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
IMDB has all the answers as you would expect, but for all of those who are either to thick or lazy to take a look here is a review by a scouser!

From taking a peek at some of the comments left by my fellow viewers, I feel impelled to conclude that it ain't exactly popular. Why oh why??! Ok, if you're looking for a seriously good, quality sci-fi film, I wouldn't expect you to enjoy this movie. BUT- if you're looking for something thought-provoking, entertaining and with lots of, um, original acting, this is it! It's just a matter of watching it with the right perspective...

Allow me to explain: the movie CAN be seen to have these qualities, but only if you look at it in the right way...

1) Thought-provoking - Of course it is! I guarantee that this film will get you thinking. I, myself, had many thoughts while watching it. Just because most of them involved the word "Why??" being repeated in a slightly hysterical manner is no reason to underestimate this particular quality of the film.

2) Entertaining - How can any viewer fail to be entertained by some of the film's amazing dialogue? It is both original, AND amusing (perhaps not for the reasons intended, but again, this is no reason to dismiss the film as not entertaining).

3) Original acting - Mark Hamill - I defy any of you to find anyone who can act as badly as him. Therefore, I believe his performance to be quite original. As for Bob Peck, how he contorted his facial muscles into some of those strange expressions I have no idea, nor do I know what any of them mean. But I bet no one else has ever done them.

So there you are! Do watch the film, I beg of you. I hope after reading this short guide, your enjoyment of this very much misunderstood film will be greatly improved.



I have to agree this film is indeed entertaining but for all the wrong reasons, my favourite bit is when Hamill gets knocked over by an incoming aircraft I will not bore you with it but all I will say the editing leaves a lot to be desired, all very odd!

If this is the future I can not wait!

Posted by just one of the girls (Member # 5766) on :
Ouch...I guess i'm to thick or lazy..mire mare you're harsh but oh well... ha ha... [Karate Kid]
Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
You're not blonde by any chance are you!

[Big Grin]

Posted by WolfmansGotNards (Member # 5910) on :
Speaking of wonderful Mark Hamill films, is it as good as Time Runner from the early 90s?
Posted by jdocster04 (Member # 5752) on :
sniff... sniff.. snarf.

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