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Posted by basecourse (Member # 6001) on :
I was hoping someone would be able to help me figure out the name of this movie I saw quite a long time ago. Basically I remember these aliens coming to Earth and living on a farm. The main thing I remember is their pet - this is where I hope someone remembers and posts the movie name - the pet had 3 or 4 legs and was brown and furry. It traveled really fast and traveled by doing cartwheels (or spinning). I've been trying to figure out the name of this movie for a long time and can't seem to remember. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
It almost sound like one of the Critters movies.
Posted by basecourse (Member # 6001) on :
Yeah, I don't think its Space Invaders or Critters - This little pet of the "Alien Family" was a nice funny type character. The family (as far as I can remember) was made up of a grandpa / dad, the daughter (maybe). I also remember the daughter got involved with a human guy. They were at a county fair or something like that. This has been bugging me for so long.... also... the pet was like an alien version of a dog.

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Posted by KISSMAD (Member # 4412) on :
post deleted.

Sorry I should of read your post more carefully. [Big Grin]

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Posted by Abbyegail (Member # 4905) on :
Ok sounds JUST like "Meet The Applegates"

They are a family of HUGE Brazilian roaches who have learned about how humans live by watching 50s and 60s televison.

The daughter Sally hooks up with human Vince at the town picnic.

The dog is also a roach as well and does this funny spin around and fly around thing when the son gets the dog high.

made is 1991, could that be the one?
Posted by basecourse (Member # 6001) on :
Hmmm, I will look into it - possibly.
Posted by basecourse (Member # 6001) on :
Well, I checked it out - it fits my description, but its not the movie I am thinking of... I am starting to think it was a made for tv movie or something. oh well - thank you guys.

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