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Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
Wondering if anyone knows anything about a TV movie in the late 70's or early 80's...."The Little Match Girl" I've done a bit of research and found that Sarah Jessica Parker stared in such a movie, but I can't find any other information on it. I just remember seeing a version when I was a kid and I'd really like to see it again. I see many different versions on ebay, but they are not the ones I'm looking for. Appreciate any help.
Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :

Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
Thanks for all your help Mire Mare....ha ha! Another one of those movies that I have a very vague memory of. I only remember really liking it.
Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
What I mean is what is you want to know!

After all you know the title of the movie you know the main star of the film what else is it you need to know!

Is it on IMDB!

If you are buying it of eBay check with the seller to see if it is the version with SJP in it!

Simple eh!

Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
Oh...I figured by saying that if anyone knows "ANYTHING" about this movie, that would have covered it. Basically wondering if anyone else has seen this version, and yes, of course, if anyone knows how / where to get a copy. Also Mire Mare...still trying to decide from your text if you are being rude...or...sarcastic and funny (which is fine). Thanks again.
Posted by Mire Mare (Member # 5900) on :
I am British so Sarcastic with a hint of humor would be the answer!

[Big Grin]

Anyway here is some more information about TLMG:

It was night on New Year’s Eve, and a poor, little match girl was out on the streets selling matches. Although she was cold and hungry, with neither hat nor shoes, she was afraid to go home as her father would surely beat her when he found out she did not sell any matches that day.

In a nook between two buildings, she wanted to warm herself by lighting matches. In the light of the first match she saw a hot iron stove, but the fire was soon blown out by the howling wind. She lit a second match and saw a fully laden dinner table with delicious foods and a roasted goose that came slowly toward her. It too disappeared as the match went out. By the light of the third match she saw a beautiful Christmas tree lit with a million candles. The candle lights went higher and higher until they became stars. One became a shooting star and she remembered her grandmother telling her that a shooting star means a person has passed away and gone to heaven.

Upon lighting the fourth match she saw her smiling grandmother, the only person who ever loved her. This filled her with so much joy she quickly lit the next match and the next so that her grandmother never fades. Finally, the grandmother took the happy girl in her arms and they flew higher and higher to a place where there's no cold, no hunger, no fear.

The next morning, the little girl was found dead in the snow with a smile upon her lips. “She wanted to warm herself!” people exclaimed as they noticed the burned out matches littered around her body. However, no one knew what beauty she had seen or with what glory she had gone with her grandmother into a joyous new year.

About SJP:

[edit] Early life and career
Parker was born in Nelsonville, Ohio, to Stephen Parker, and Barbara. [1] Her parents divorced early on in Parker's life and her mother remarried Paul Forste, who was 19. Parker grew up with her mother, stepfather and seven siblings. As a young girl, she trained in singing and ballet, soon being cast in the Broadway production of The Innocents. Her family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and then to Dobbs Ferry, New York, near New York City, where Parker was developing her career as a child actress. In 1977, the family moved to the newly opened planned community on Roosevelt Island, in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, and later to Manhattan proper; her parents later moved to Englewood, New Jersey where she attended Dwight Morrow High School.

Parker attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts, the School of American Ballet and the Professional Children's School, and later Dwight Morrow High School. She and four siblings appeared in a revival of The Sound of Music, and Parker went on to the new 1977-81 Broadway musical Annie — first in the small role of "July," and then succeeding Andrea McArdle and Shelley Bruce in the lead role as the plucky Depression-era orphan, for a year beginning March 6, 1979.

In 1982, Parker was cast in the co-lead role of the CBS-TV sitcom Square Pegs. The show lasted only one season before being cancelled by the network, but Parker's performance was critically well received. In the three years that followed, she was cast in four films - the most significant of those being Footloose in 1984 and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, co-starring Helen Hunt, in 1985. Also that year, she become romantically involved with actor Robert Downey Jr., whom she met on the set of Firstborn and with whom she lived through 1991; during their relationship, Downey Jr. had a drug problem, and Parker has commented that she thought that she was "the person holding him together".[2]

[edit] Later career
By the early 1990s, Parker's career was gaining momentum. In 1991, she appeared in a supporting role in the romantic comedy, L.A. Story; both the movie and her performance garnered some positive reviews. The following year she landed an important starring role in the well-received film, Honeymoon in Vegas, co-starring Nicolas Cage. Her 1993 role in the film Hocus Pocus was a higher grosser at the box office but received negative reviews. She then took on the role of Martha Stewart in Thirtysomething winning national television acclaim. She next appeared opposite Johnny Depp in the critically acclaimed movie Ed Wood. The film Miami Rhapsody, in 1995, saw her back on familiar territory with more romantic comedy material and a leading role. She appeared in another Tim Burton-directed movie, Mars Attacks!, The First Wives Club, and The Substance of Fire, in which she reprised her 1991 stage role, in 1997.

In 1997, she appeared as Francesca Lanfield, a washed-up Maureen McCormick-esque former child actress in the comedy Til There Was You. Later that year, the script for an HBO drama/comedy series titled Sex and the City was sent to Parker and the show's creator Darren Star was determined that she be cast in his project. Despite some early doubts about being cast in a long-term television series, Parker agreed to star.[3]

The first season of the show proved to be an instant success, elevating Parker to a higher status. Despite the show's increasingly raunchy storylines, Parker retained the strict no-nudity clause of her contract throughout the show's six-season run. Parker became a producer for the show starting with its third season. In 2004, Parker won an Emmy award for her lead role (after five consecutive losses). Many gambling and betting establishments stopped taking bets on her Emmy victory, because it was so widely predicted that she would win. Parker has since stated that she will "never do a television show again",[4] although she will co-executive produce a new HBO series based on Washingtonienne, but will not star in it.[5]

Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of Life, October 1, 2004.After Sex and the City ended in 2004, rumours of a film version circulated and it has since been revealed that a script had been completed for such a project. However, Parker has commented that it will likely never be made.[6] Two years later, however, preparations were already underway and HBO is currently in negotiations with executive producer Michael Patrick King and the cast from the Sex and the City TV series, including Parker, to produce a feature film of the same name.[7] In addition to work in movies and television, she is also a respected stage actor, having appeared in well-reviewed lead roles in the off-Broadway play Sylvia, alongside husband Matthew Broderick in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and the Tony Award-nominated Once Upon A Mattress, as Princess Winifred the Woebegone.

In December 2005, Parker appeared in her first theatrical film in several years, The Family Stone; she received a Golden Globe nomination as Best Actress - Comedy for the role. Her next film, the romantic comedy Failure to Launch, co-starring Matthew McConaughey, was released on March 10, 2006 and opened at #1 in the North American box office, grossing slightly over $24 million,[8] despite mediocre reviews.[9]. Parker's work as a producer continues with the independent film Spinning Into Butter, based on the Rebecca Gilman play scheduled for a 2006 release, which she will also star in. Her latest confirmed project is Slammer, a prison-themed musical comedy to be directed by Adam Shankman and released in 2007. The role as imprisoned publicist who stages an all-inmate musical will give Parker the opportunity to revisit her musical roots, which have yet to be explored in her film and television work. Parker was initially set to star in Vacancy, along with her co-star from The Family Stone, Luke Wilson, but she dropped out because she was getting better movie offers. Kate Beckinsale later won the role.

[edit] Personal style
Parker has become very influential in the world of fashion; she is considered one of the more stylish celebrities and has been recognized as "Best Dressed" in certain magazines.[citation needed] In 2000, she hosted the MTV Movie Awards and appeared in no fewer than 15 different costumes throughout the show.

She has also become the face of many of the world's biggest fashion brands through her work in a variety of advertising campaigns. In August 2003, Parker signed a highly lucrative deal with Garnier to appear in television and print advertising promoting their Nutrisse hair products. In 2004, she fronted an international campaign by Gap but her contract with the clothing giant was suddenly terminated in Spring of 2005 in favour of British soul singer Joss Stone. A friend of Parker commented to the press that "Sarah's spring campaign for GAP has only just started and she feels the announcement of her replacement in the same week that the new ads are appearing is a bit of a snub" [10]. In addition to her advertising work, Parker released her own fragrance in 2005 called "Lovely" - an innocent parody in itself.[11] In March 2007 Sarah Jessica Parker announced that she is launching her own fashion line, Bitten [12], in partnership with discount clothing chain Steve & Barry's.[13] The line, which will feature hundreds of clothing items and accessories under $20, will be launching on June 7th, 2007, exclusively at Steve and Barry's.[14] In July 2007, following the enormous success of "Lovely", Parker released her second fragrance "Covet".[15]

[edit] Personal life
As her career continued to blossom into the 1990s, she met journalist John Kennedy Jr. and dated him for several months. Prior to this, Parker had a serious relationship with Robert Downey Jr. She was also romantically linked to singer-songwriter Joshua Kadison in the early 90s, who described their tumultuous relationship and their cat Moses in the song "Jessie" on the album Painted Desert Serenade.

On May 19, 1997, she married actor Matthew Broderick, to whom she was introduced by her brother. The couple married in a civil ceremony in a historic synagogue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan that is no longer used as a house of worship; both Parker and Broderick have Jewish ancestry and consider themselves to be "culturally Jewish."[16] The couple's first child, son James Wilkie Broderick, was born on October 28, 2002. He was named after Broderick's father, the distinguished Irish-American actor James Broderick. Given her public declarations of support for public schools, school choice advocates are anxious to see if Parker makes good on her 2004 promise to enter James Wilke into the New York City public school system when he turns five in 2007.

Parker and Broderick spend a considerable amount of time at their holiday home in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. Parker is a prominent member of the Hollywood's Women's Political Committee and is UNICEF's Representative for the Performing Arts; in 2006, she traveled to Liberia as a UNICEF celebrity ambassador, and has commented that, "It's a place that gets little or no attention, so we're going to try and bring some attention to it."[17] As of 2007, she lives in New York City with her husband and son.

[Big Grin]

Posted by kevdugp73 (Member # 5978) on :
Thanks again Mire Mare...I just wanted to make sure...sometimes hard to tell with written text. I am a sarcastic bugger myself, so I appreciate this higher level of humor. Cheers...and thanks for the info.

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