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Posted by james Andrews (Member # 1425) on :
Does anybody have any ideas to what would have Tony Montana's future been had he survived? Earlier in the film he had arrived to the point that his life was empty, when he is having dinner with Manny and Elvira. Do you think he would have turned away from crime, especially since his best friend and sister had been killed?
Posted by noikz (Member # 1000) on :
Grab the (pretty poor) video game and you can play out what might have happened had he lived. [Smile]
Posted by Ziploc (Member # 5806) on :
Id have to disagree with you noikz that game was an all around kick butt title maybe the PS2 version-stunk yeah...pick up a copy of the Xbox or PC (i own) version...with a powerful enough rig the game is awesome. gameplay/story SUPERB
so please dont go trashing down the Scarface game....
Posted by noikz (Member # 1000) on :
I've played it on Xbox1/Wii and PC and if anything the newly released Wii version is about the best (thanks to the control sys). Overall though it just feels like a poor mans GTA VC.
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
I could see him turning his back on his gangsta past and running a nice and quiet gift card store in the Miami area. Nah, going out in a blaze of bullets looked like it was Tony Montana's destiny right from the get-go.

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