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Posted by Ziploc (Member # 5806) on :
Yeah I was wondering If anybody knows of a Film based or a straight port of the novel written in 1949 (a GOOD film not a b-type movie but sure why not?)

it does not have to be a 80's flick
can be any year if anyone knows...Ive read bits and pieces of the novel but I would really love to watch a film of It....

I know "V for Vendetta" is similiar to "1984"
but it was just not satisfying enough. don't get me wrong the movie was wicked awesome.

"1984" was just one of a kind.

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Posted by Gigawatt? (Member # 4796) on :
There's Nineteen Eighty-Four with John Hurt and Richard Burton released in - err - 1984:
Posted by Ziploc (Member # 5806) on : could of I missed that one? LOL

hey I saw the "1984" commercial(super bowl) on youtube the other know If the Movie is/looks like that?

oh yeah..I just found out there is a post production film supposly to be released as early as 2009....Sweet [Big Grin]

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