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Posted by IncaRoads (Member # 5814) on :
Ok, this movie has been haunting me my entire life. I only remember one scene, and it's a scene that is imprinted in my psyche.

What movie is this?

A drunk girl wanders into a restaraunt, crashes a couples dinner, orders Trix and takes off her clothes. She's not naked, but they do show her boobs.

If anyone can help me, you will forever be in good karma. Thanks a lot.
Posted by sonz (Member # 5315) on :
stab in the dark but is it beyond the valley of the dolls?
Posted by IncaRoads (Member # 5814) on :
No, definetly not a Russ Meyer film. From the context of the scene it looked like a romantic comedy. If it helps any it was on HBO, and had to be filmed between 83-86.
Posted by IncaRoads (Member # 5814) on :
Please guys... I'm incredibly desperate.
Posted by IncaRoads (Member # 5814) on :
I will pay someone for the title of this movie!!!
Posted by sonz (Member # 5315) on :
try asking for help on the imdb i need to know board. i tried to ask someone for you but noone answered
Posted by P.S It's Paul... (Member # 1022) on :
Another stab in the dark (because she stays pretty much fully clothed, as I recall) but this wouldn't be Blind Date, with Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger? I know there is a restaurant scene where she's pretty wasted and manages to trash the whole place (and lose Bruce his job into the bargain)....
Posted by IncaRoads (Member # 5814) on :
Nope, definetly not blind date. There is some serious boobage in this scene, which at the age of 4 looked like Valhalla!!

I appreciate the effort though. maybe one day... sssiigghh...
Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
Is it Last Exit To Brooklyn?
Posted by IncaRoads (Member # 5814) on :
Nope, this seemed like a romantic comedy.

Thanks for the shot in the dark. I'll take any titles that come to mind and research them.. Or if anyone has a membership to Mr. I can research every single nude scene in the 80's until I find this one...

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