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Posted by april1982 (Member # 5425) on :
hello guys,

i'm looking for the title of this movie i saw way way back, i think its an 80's movie. I thought its title is "playing for keeps" but as i searched its different form what i saw so i think im wrong. I really want to know the title of this love story movie.

sypnosis of the movie:

the 2 main charcaters(lovers) are currently in senior high school, the girl got pregnant before they even graduated, i remember the scene whr they were taking a prom pic (and the girl has huge preggy belly).. then they got married..the man in the movie was aiming for a scholarship to go to college and then he got in but kept it for himself since he doesnt want to leave his wife and baby girl (name thea or althea i think), but his wife found out and keeps on driving him away so he would go to college and prusue his dreams, but the guy just wont leave coz he was madly deeply inlove w/ the girl, his wife..and through out the whole movie they kept on struggling with their financial problem and love problem coz so many against them etc..

I hope somebody can tell me the title of this movie..I want it so bad. thnx!!
Posted by Mane1980 (Member # 4240) on :
It's "For Keeps" with Molly Ringwald i think.
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
And the babys name was "Thea", short for "Theadozia".
The girl left the guy in charge of naming the baby and he named it after his grandmother.
Posted by sonz (Member # 5315) on :
for keeps
Posted by april1982 (Member # 5425) on :
yes, u guys are right its "for keeps" i couldve just removed the playing hehe..thnx a lot!

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