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Posted by hbsjack (Member # 4639) on :
Does anyone know the name that Sebastian shouts out the window at the end of the movie to give the girl her new name? I know it's his mother's name, but I can never make out what he yells out. My fiance thinks it's not meant to be understood, but I'm not convinced. Any ideas??
Posted by AnyaKay27 (Member # 4675) on :
the actual "name" is not known, because he doesn't say a name. He says "moon child". Here is a link to some names that have "moon" in their meaning, if anyone's interested. &qsearch=1&browseby=1&x=39&y=6
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
There's a difference between the book and the film.
In the book - if I recall correctly - you never find out his mothers name, but he 'names' the Empress "Moonchild" (in German).
But in the film, it's implied that his mothers name is Moonchild.
Posted by Smayt Shatner (Member # 1500) on :
What always got me about Neverending Story,was the credits rolling....
It came to an end....whats that all about?? [Razz]
Posted by hbsjack (Member # 4639) on :
LOL, made me think on that one for a sec.
Posted by Mrs Larusso (Member # 4417) on :
I always thought he shouted: "!!" (Marcia)

Just take a look - its fits anyway! Must admit though that i've bnever heard about this moonchild thing...
Posted by hbsjack (Member # 4639) on :
Yeah, I know I never have. Although, I never read the book, so maybe we're missing out [Smile] I must say though, Marcia does fit pretty nicely.
Posted by logan5 (Member # 1467) on :
In the book, his mother's name isn't an issue; you just know that she's deceased.
He has to use his imagination to 'name' the Empress and restart Fantasia. He chooses the name 'Moonchild'.
In the film they threaded the deceased mother and the need for a name together. That's why the Empress says "Say my name!" and Bastian cries "But I have to keep my feet on the ground!" It doesn't make as much sense, because all he's doing is shouting his mother's name, and not letting his imagination run away with him.
It's a slightly contentious issue with fans of the Neverending Story book, who say that the key was Bastian using his imagination to name the Empress, and this point is lost in the film version.
Posted by Maj (Member # 6041) on :
I think book good but the movie is better

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