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Posted by Phanstar (Member # 4235) on :
I send this question to all of you, but especially the ones that are very into DVD collecting? For those of you with lots and lots of DVDs, How often do you actually watch them?

I ask this because I have a couple hundred dvds or so, and I love my collection, but every once in a while I get bummed out and feel like it was a waste of money, it seems the more dvds I buy the less I have to watch LOL its weird... just curious how often do you guys view your dvds?

Are there certain times you watch them? Have any rituals? Just curious.
Posted by Brandon777 (Member # 4014) on :
I have close to 300 DVDs. I watch about 4 to 5 movies a week. I know what you're saying. I do get rather impulsive when I buy DVDs. I have some DVDs that I've bought and haven't watched yet. I watch most of them though. It's kind of a hobby of mine to collect movies, especially rare movies. There are times when I buy 3-5 at a time and sometimes feel guilty for spending so much money on DVDs, but then I think "Well, at least I have it if I ever want to see it."

I do go to the theater to watch movies, but most of the time I am annoyed by people talking and making noise with their candy wrappers, so I am staying home more and waiting for the DVD release.
Posted by Chris the CandyFanMan (Member # 3197) on :
Often, averaging about 3 a week.
Posted by Phanstar (Member # 4235) on :
Do you often re-watch movies? When you watch them, do you do other things like fold laundry, or clean or anything, Or is it just focus on the movie? Do you pop popcorn or candy? watch one with dinner?

what are your movie watching rituals?
Posted by MotleyRulz (Member # 3598) on :
I usually have to be doing nothing else at home before I watch a movie. I watch on average of 2 a week. I have a collection of about 450 plus I rent from Netflix...
Posted by Rainbowbrite22 (Member # 2288) on :
i watch a movie a night atleast i try to its a nice way to relax after i get home from work and have done my cleaning its kinda like a reward [Smile] so its nice and fun. sometimes on the weekend i ll pick a theme and watch movies from it
Posted by Brandon777 (Member # 4014) on :
Originally posted by Phanstar:
Do you often re-watch movies? When you watch them, do you do other things like fold laundry, or clean or anything, Or is it just focus on the movie? Do you pop popcorn or candy? watch one with dinner?

what are your movie watching rituals?

I re-watch movies. I can watch some movies like "The Goonies" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" over and over and they never get old.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I love to rewatch movies, but not back to back...except I did an over kill on Serendipity, cause I liked it so much-I watched it 3 times within a few days, but usually I like to go weeks, maybe months without having seen the same movie. Certain movies I save for certain times of the year. I love watching scary movies at Halloween, and Christmas movies at Christmas.

My favorite thing to do...ritual wise, is to get pizza or junk food, and just pig out, and watch a movie with a friend.

I love when I have company one of my best girlfriends,and we get in our pajamas as if we were kids, and you grab your seat and a blanket and a pillow and just chill out.

I also love to make hot air popcorn...I don't like microwavable popcorn. I remember in the 80's, always going out to my grandparents house on the weekend, and spending the night there with my aunt, we'd make hot air popcorn, where you melted the butter on the stove, and it just was so much better...or we would make sundaes with vanilla ice cream, chocolate hershey's syrup and peanuts, and we would watch comedies, and laugh our heads off. I remember watching Raising Arizona and She's Having a Baby and laughing so hard.

I love to watch those movies again and again.

I love watching movies in the summer time, when you can stay up all night and sleep in late...I loved that as a teenager, falling asleep on the couch watching HBO late at night.

I just went through all my DVDs and VHS tapes, and organized them all. I have hundreds of DVDs too, but I only buy movies I love... so...they get watched all the time.

I love watching movies all times of the's like having to play music while I am cleaning...I love to clean and listening to music...and it just makes you not mind doing housework. You can dance around the room while your folding clothes.
Posted by Mane1980 (Member # 4240) on :
I try to watch them and re-watch them! I almost always do!
Posted by Phanstar (Member # 4235) on :
Thats cool... I like to watch movies on the weekend, but I have a toddler, and a six year old so I usually have to wait until after they go to bed, partly because I wont watch anything rated pg-13 or worse around them, and partly because its too hard to focus on the movie with all the noise and interruptions. Also my wife is quite a bit younger than I so we have fairly different taste in movies, in fact I went over my DVD rack once and realized that a huge portion of my dvds came out either before she was born or when she was less than 3 years old LOL. But she does sometimes get into my 80s movies, and enjoys them, and if not she is at least a good sport about it and hangs out and watches them sometimes...

My movie ritual is that I wait till the kids are asleep, turn out all the lights, fill our BIGGEST cup with ice and coke and a straw, pop popcorn, and I GOTTA HAVE a box of jujy fruits. [Smile]

Posted by Nice Guy Sammy Hain (Member # 3150) on :
I usually try and buy movies that I know I will watch more than just once or twice. I'm also into trying to buy as many of the Top 250 rated movies at as I can. Most of those I buy sight unseen as I buy them off their reputation and only have been disappointed only once or twice. Scarface is the one that comes to mind there. I just don't get the buzz about that movie. I think everybody likes it because whenever they go to a rappers house on Cribs they always have Scarface playing on the TV so everybody else says they like it because they saw MC Dirty Dogg watching it.
Posted by The Mouse Avenger (Member # 4406) on :
I try to watch movies every weekend or after my homework is done. And just last night, I watched "Graffiti Bridge", as a matter of fact. [Wink]
Posted by DeltaDeadDawn (Member # 4547) on :
i try to watch one every day i get netflix. you should check it out if you haven't heard of it it beats cable
Posted by The Mouse Avenger (Member # 4406) on :
I've done that before. It's a nice little thing. [Smile]
Posted by joker (Member # 3840) on :
i partley agree with brandon 777 the part about the dvds i agree with him on but the part i disagree with him on is the movie threater part i have no use for 99.9 % of movies that come out any more thair have bin a few that i wanted to see like the new star wasr series and a couple of others but for the part most new movies stink i have a uge movie collecton mostley consteing of vhs tapes that i bot of movie rental places that wrer selling them used i have more old wrestling tapes than enything else but i have a lot of movies and even a larg amount of concert videos mostley guns n roses and metallica but a few other bands
Posted by Illnero (Member # 4286) on :
I'm creating a log where I list every single movie I've seen for the first time. But I'm kind of cheating at it. I'm also listing movies I've seen other times over my 22 years of movie watching (first experience at 3!) I make sure to watch at least one a day (today's was Full Metal Jacket, which I first saw when it came out on video back when I was 8 years old.) As far as 'first seen' movies I've seen this year, so far it's 102. Only two of those in the theatre.

I'm picky about movies I see in the movie theatres. When the summertime comes around, I'll probably see one movie in the theatre every week. Right now is dire as far as movies in the theatres. The only two movies I'm somewhat anticipating are V for Vendetta and Inside Man. I still like the theatre experience, but I hate the commercials they show before the main attraction. I live in a small town, so our prices are still pretty reasonable (I only watch matinees which are $4.25) but our selection is ****. Last year, Kung Fu Hustle was here for one week and one week only (I was lucky to see the poster up for it while driving by it one day) but they keep family tripe like The Pacifier there for three months. I wish there was a second run theatre around here that would show stuff like kung fu movies, samurai revenge movies, and slasher movies. Anything besides Ultraviolet
Posted by AnGeL EyeZ (Member # 4595) on :
my prob is every time i watch one i end up passing out ten minutes into the movie lol...ok maybe 20 minutes if i hang in one movie could last me a whole week lol [Big Grin]

id rather spend the money on the dvd's (when they are down to ten bucks each) rather than waste 9.00 to see one movie in a theatre, deal with annoying people, and pay out the you know what just to get a snack and drink [Wink]
Posted by stu1984 (Member # 3248) on :
I've probably got around 120 DVD's and loads of box sets and tv series.

I used to record loads off the TV, and at one point I had 210 movies on VHS [Eek!] .

So what I done is went through them all, and made a list of all the ones that were good enough to buy on DVD.

So now I buy 1 DVD a week from that list. I don't think i'll ever get to a point where I will be up to date and just be able to buy a DVD as soon as it's released.

I watch a movie every night. It chills me out totally and it's like I escape reality for 2 hours.

As for what I do when watching a movie, I just get some food and then chill out on my bed and watch [Big Grin]
Posted by Spooka Lupa (Member # 2700) on :
I watch a lot more movies in the winter--It's when I get lazy and just want to stay inside. It's nice to sit by the fire and catch a cool flick I haven't seen in awhile.

Usually I get a new movie, watch it a million times over, and then stick it on the shelf for a rainy day. I know what you're talking about, Phanstar--the more I get, the more I feel like I'm not watching.

I love taking the weird movies I like and making friends watch them for the first time (preferably friends who'll like them). It's like, "What's gonna happen, Allison???" "You'll have to find ouuuuuuut..." (Yes, I use that obnoxious voice.) It kinda works out because most of my friends don't watch older/weird movies.

Junk food goes great with movies but I don't eat a huge amount while I'm watching TV (unless I'm with a big group of friends). Barring exercising (I always have to be watching TV when I do), I can't multitask while I watch a movie. Maybe if I'm in a huge baking mood, but otherwise no. If I'm watching a movie and I'm not getting into it, I'll just turn it off for another time, and if I'm really into it I don't want to be doing other stuff.

Also fun is watching a bad/fun movie with a friend who's seen it too and just making fun of it.

For some reason, whenever there's an intimate/serious scene in a movie I'll imagine someone exploding into confetti. It's fun, you should try it out.
Posted by Bionic Bigfoot (Member # 2490) on :
I watch at least one movie a day and one tv episode from a box set each day. The types of movies I watch has changed drastically since I now have a toddler in the house. She watches movies with me every day, but I have to stay away from the blood, guts, explosions and aliens. We watch a lot of Disney movies and Dukes Of Hazzard episodes. Even Land of The Lost scares her when the dinosaurs and Sleestaks appear, so we stick to monsterless shows like Knight Rider, Airwolf, Dukes, Different Strokes and Lois & Clark. I save the action movies for weekend nights after she goes to bed...then I crank it up on the surround sound and really get into a movie. My favorite thing to do on a weekend is rent about 3 movies, order pizza & wings and stay up all night with my wife watching them.
I know what you people are saying about having tons of movies and not watching them much. I have over 300 DVDs in my collection and I still go out and rent movies on the weekends.
Posted by Canyoudigit The Sequel (Member # 4506) on :
I go to my local cinemas around 3/4 times a week depending on the movie. I watch around 10/15 movies a week. Mostly World cinema.
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
I have about 200 vhs and 300 dvd. My husband HATES that I spend so much money on my prized collection. Once a week my friend Karl comes over and we get pizza or Chinese food and beer and we watch 2 or 3 movies, usually ones we've seen a hundred times already.
About twice a month I sit down and watch one with my husband.
I am really selfih with watching them cuz I like to save them for rainy days. I was stuck in bed after a hospital visit about two years ago and , boy, was I happy to have them. I must have watched twenty or so videos that week.
I like to hold on to them for sick days or snow days.

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