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Posted by raggedyman (Member # 4065) on :
hey gang! how have y'all been? I was just going through my ENORMOUS dvd collection and thought of some titles that I must have - 'Special Director's Limited two-disc with commentary and deleted scenes' whatever! ...all from the 80's of course!

THE MONSTER SQUAD - where the hell is this classic film?!

WIERD SCIENCE - the current release is empty, no good.

BLADE RUNNER - any self-respecting film fan would give anything for a proper release of this Ridley Scott milestone.

MAD MAX 2 - I've said it a thousand times that we are overdue a special edition dvd of THE ROAD WARRIOR and people just shrug and go "yeah...." AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS FILM ROCKS?!

COMMANDO - next to PREDATOR and THE TERMINATOR, it's Arnold's best 80's actioner

STREETS OF FIRE - a quirky kind of action film, ah... Michael Pare... what happened to you?

SOUTHERN COMFORT - speaking of Walter Hill, now that THE WARRIORS has had the 'special' treatment, surely this should be next?
Posted by Mane1980 (Member # 4240) on :
Yeah! They should release many movies on DVD!

I have the Monster Squad on VHS but it needs a DVD release!
Weird Science DVD is poor. Needs more things in it!
Night of the Comet also needs a DVD release
Facts of Life this Tv show also needs a DVD release!
Silver Spoons another Tv Show that needs a DVD release
Sixteen Candless needs another edition with more things in it
Posted by bigworld (Member # 3107) on :
Marine Issue with Michael Pare, I think I liked this movie but havn't seen it for years.


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