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Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
My son said this movie is really good, they have been playing it on AMC. I have never seen it...but AMC seems to play the same movies over and over for they are replaying it this friday at 5:30pm.

Has anyone else seen it, and do they like it?

I have always loved the movie:

The Outlaw Josey Wales.
Posted by MotleyRulz (Member # 3598) on :
I'm pretty bias, but this was a great western made in 1985. It comes in 3rd place in my list of favorite Eastwood westerns...
Posted by Kash (Member # 297) on :
"A man can only have one Master: God or Mammon, Mammon being money..."

Classic Clint movie, quite underated and often overlooked in the grand scheme of things.
Posted by Bionic Bigfoot (Member # 2490) on :
It was a good movie, Isis. Not as good as Josey Wales, but a good one. I enjoyed it. Richard Kiel is in it too.
Clint plays another one of those mysterious characters who you wonder if he is a real man or a ghost or something. Sort of like in High Plains Drifter.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
Cool...about Richard he has been in more stuff than I realized, and funny how his name has been brought up so much this week.

There's alot of movies I have wanted to watch of Clint Eastwood's...that I haven't seen in a long time...and Josey Wales is one of them...I know my son would like it...but it has one of the most disturbing scenes in any movie to me, and that's when all those men grab Sondra Locke, and are going to rape her, just the way they are all looking at her...and the whole everything about that scene, is horrible, and that's the thing about a movie...sometimes there are certain scenes you wish you never would have saw..that is the number #1 for me.

But..the rest of the movie is really good, I like his Indian Chief friend.

The Pale Rider previews look really good..hopefully I will remember and get to see it from the beginning.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I watched some of Pale Rider this morning...I liked what I saw...I have to say about Richard Kiel...he was one scary dude when he was younger...he is one preson that improved 100% with age.

When Richard Kiel broke the rock in half with the hammer...that was funny...cause then Clint whacked him in the ____ with the sledge hammer.

Clint Eastwood...has always been so cool in everything he did...I liked when he took that stick and beat everyone up with it. I didn't get to watch the end...but my son says the end is pretty awesome. I am sure they will replay it again.

Christopher Penn was in this movie...they said he was 23 when he made it....boy he has not aged well at all...I couldn't recognize him when I saw him in something recently.
Posted by Smayt Gateford. (Member # 1500) on :
Fantastic movie by Big Clint.Great western too.
Its supposedly a kind of follow on to High Plains Drifter.Youre never quite sure if the preacher (Clint) is a ghost/spirit of a murdered man.This is also implied when you see the amount of bullet holes in his back when he takes off his shirt.I believe the main bad guy was called Stockwell and even he was very shocked when he saw who the preacher actually was.
Clint has often hinted in interviews that the preacher may have been a ghost,it was up to the audience to decide.And lets not forget the riding off into the snowy distance ending!!!
When you watch the movie again with the idea of him bein already dead,the movie takes on a whole new and quite spooky theme.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
That is so awesome....I did see the scene with the bullet holes in his back...that is so cool about a movie...and it does have a completely different feel now to me knowing that....that is such a cool thing to do, and for that movie to have be made that long ago and people still aren't quite sure about if a movie is suppose to have a surprise know it before you even see it.

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