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Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I just watched a movie last night and Charles Martin Smith was in it, and when I saw him...I remembered him from American Graffiti, but I also remembered him being in the movie Never Cry Wolf, and I know I liked that movie, and I don't have it, and I haven't seen it in forever. I think I might have to find it now.

Did anyone else ever see it, and did you like it??

It came out in 1983.
Posted by TKO (Member # 1471) on :
Hey Isis..
I have seen it... several times. [Smile] It is based upon a true story and a good adaptation of the book by Farley Mowat.

Biologist Mowat gets, somewhat against his will assigned to investigate the disappearing number of caribou in the Arctic for which the wolves are blamed.
Once he overcomes the hard conditions of the tundra he starts studying the behavior of these wolves and learns that it is not them who are responsible for the killing of the caribou. After a while, his everyday appearance gets accepted by these magnificent and intriguing animals and he learns that they aren’t just a bunch of ferocious killers, but that they have in fact a strong bond as a family, very similar to that of humans…

This is not your everyday movie and I’m pretty sure not everybody will like it, but personally I LOVED it. Although the plot may look boring to many, it has it’s funny moments as well. Charles Martin Smith does an excellent job in an not so obvious role. Also look out for the small part of Brian Dehenny as the hard drinking pilot.

This movie is very special to me, because in the early 90’s I had a somewhat similar experience when I got the opportunity to study Iberian wolves in Portugal. Ok, so the weather conditions were better.. [Wink]
Since then I have become obsessed with the wonderful creatures wolves are.
Describing the relationship between human and animal after you’ve spent some time together in the wild is almost impossible, but this movie comes pretty close in doing so.

To make a long story short.. If you liked Gorillas In The Mist, my guess is you will like this one too.
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
TKO says to ISIS:
...My guess is you will like this one too.
Just be careful about the mice-eating scene!

Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
OMG... I remember that now, he bbqed them on little skewers...didn't he?

It is coming back to me now...I remember him running around peeing all over everything to mark his territory. That was funny. I remember it being funny in lots of places, that's why I liked it.

It came out back when my Aunt was working at places like Defenders of Wildlife and Greenpeace and Funds for Animals, and I was like her little assistant in the fight to save the planet.

I remember she stole a Red Fox that these people had captured and had chained up along the side of the road, and she brought it home in the middle of the night to my Grandparents, and put it in the basement, and we had to get it to not be so horrified of people, but to not get completely tame either, cause we took it to a game preserve after it got healthy and left it go, were it was protected.

My mom loves wolves....her whole house use to be decorate in wolf she has some of it here, and when her addition is done, it is going to be all wood on the walls- and have big beams in the ceiling, and we are going to make it look like a log cabin, and she has all kinds of little animals and stuff...and is going to make it look kind of like a forest in her room.

We love animals. We have 4 wild oppossums that we feed every night, and we sit outside and watch them come out of the mom named them all...she start with the beginning of the Alphabet we have Arthur, Buster, Chip and Dover- the oppossums, and now we have a stray cat we are feeding- and his name is Eddie.

I think I am going to look for this movie, does anyone know if it is out on DVD?

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