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Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I bought it for my son for his birthday, and we watched it this afternoon. I was so tired though and was having a hard time following it. But what I saw was pretty cool. The beginning with it being fall and the pumpkin patch and it taking place back in time, and the train totally had a Harry Potter feel to it. I swear that the Harry Potter books, had to have had some stuff stolen from this movie. My son said in The Prisoner of Azkaban...they sing a song called "Something Wicked this way comes".

Some of the special effects were wicked, it looked like something that was made today. I was shocked to see Pam Grier in that movie, she looked beautiful. I knew I knew her face, but I never would have guessed that was who she was, if I hadn't seen her name.

The end was pretty freaky when that guy got electrocuted and turned in to that shrivelled up old person. I think it was cause the carosel could reverse time and make people young again, which was a really cool concept in the movie. I'd have liked to have got on that ride myself.

I missed the part about the drowning though, and who drown and what that story was about...did anyone else see it, if so...please fill me in.

I might watch it again, but not anytime soon, I have other stuff to watch for now.
Posted by Lastdaysofrain (Member # 2542) on :
I love this movie. I saw it in theatres as a kid and it terrified me. Jonathan Price is amazing as Mr. Dark.

One of my favorite scenes in any movie ever is when Dark confronts Jason Robards in the library and is giving him the speech about how he can make him young again, amazing.
Posted by bigworld (Member # 3107) on :
Originally posted by ISIS:
. My son said in The Prisoner of Azkaban...they sing a song called "Something Wicked this way comes".

I think this is more likely a quote from Macbeth rather than a nod to this movie

It was the line from the witches as Macbeth and Banquo first appear.

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