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Posted by jlp937-Sunflower Goddess (Member # 1877) on :
Okay it must be Friday night for sure. I love to watch this movie on Friday nights. It is really cool outside right now and almost feels like Halloween time.

Yeah it is crazy and completely ridiculous but you gotta love zombies walking around saying "Brains, I want your brains"--I need your brains to stop the pain!!!

The followups can't live up to this magnitude of comedic horror. I do have to say some bad acting, but I still try and catch this one whenever it is on.
Posted by JimBrayFan (Member # 3831) on :
Classic line (paraphrasing): "If you love me you'll let me eat your brains!"

Part 2 was good as well. "get the damn screwdriver out of my head!" (plus, you know, Dana Ashbrook was in it.)
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
It's one of those classics you just cant pinpoint why it's appealing: but,man, is it feel good theatre! Maybe because it DOES have a sense of humor and still manages to be gross.
The first time I saw it I actually didnt like it cuz it had such a "cheap feel"...but I gave it another shot and now I love it.
Who will ever forget the image of Linnea Quigley walking naked through a cemetery?
Posted by Gav (Member # 4075) on :
Yes,i just got a bargain special edition(REGION 1)copy of the dvd,all the way from Montreux,Canada!I did'nt won't the boring vanilla edition we have over here.I got it cheaper with all the special features and getting it shipped over.

The 2nd of the series was just a re-make that did'nt need to happen.3rd ones nowhere near as good as the original but it's not a bad film and directed by the great Brian Yuzna.

"Are you crazy?Are you on PCP?"
Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
I remember catching this movie late one night in the late 80s. I laughed the whole way through it. It was a great Comedy/Horror and a tremendous amount was caused by James Karen. He returned for part two as well.

The reason I remember the movie so well was because it was suppose to be taking place in Louisville Kentucky which is down the street from my hometown of Lexington. It wasn't filmed there, but they made several references to the city in the film which was way cool.
Posted by gregw (Member # 4123) on :
Thwy are finished filming part 4 and 5 in europe right now. they will be released soon
Posted by Brandon777 (Member # 4014) on :
It's funny that you say it's a cool Friday night movie because I thought the same thing. It cracks me up when the zombies get on the CB and say "send more cops".
Posted by Gav (Member # 4075) on :
Also "Send more paramedics"which is the name of a cool metal band too who got the name from the film quote.
Posted by raggedyman (Member # 4065) on :
RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PART 4: NECROPOLIS and PART 5: RAVE FROM THE GRAVE were made back to back last year, directed by Ellory Elkayem (EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS) might be worth checking out...
Posted by Devolution (Member # 1731) on :
Devolution here,

I totally forgot about "Get the Damn Screwdriver out of my head". I am going to be saying that all day now.

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