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Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
So if you could live any 80's movie what would it be? Before you go...that is so easy it's my favorite movie...wait a second before posting and think about it first.

For instance, would I really want to be Maverick from "Top Gun"? I don't know my father, I'm the black sheep of the Navy, and I just killed my wingman. I feel the need, the need for...some other movie to live.

Or how about, jet setting bartender Brian Flanagan. Sounds like fun on the beach at first, but my beach trip is cut short because I met a girl I really dig then dumped her from some older chick with cash, then I decide I want her back, only she saw me on the beach and now she's pregnant. Doesn't sound like the kinda Beach Party that I was planning. Oh cripes my best friend just killed himself.

So think carefully before you answer, because if you believe it hard enough....who knows it might happen. Ok maybe not, but it's fun to think about. [Cool]
Posted by jlp937-Sunflower Goddess (Member # 1877) on :
Sixteen Candles, without a doubt and I want Jake Ryan!!
Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
Now wait a second JLP. I mean the ending was good, but what about Sam's days leading up to that point. Her parents forgot her birthday, her grandmother felt her up, she had to take a crazy chinese guy with her to the school dance, she had to give her underpants to a geek, and we don't know for sure Sam & Jake lasted forever. He wasn't the best boyfriend to Caroline when you really think about it. [Wink]

Just joking JLP, I love when "Wish You Were Here" is playing at the end of the movie. Cool Choice.
Posted by deathbystereo80 (Member # 2005) on :
Nice topic Valley!

Cheesy as it may be, I think I'd go for Dirty Dancing. I mean, who hasn't experienced going on vacation with their parents in their young teenage years and then meeting this hot dance teacher/diving instructor/bar tender/or just guy who was your parent's worst nightmare and having a summer affair... Those were the "time of your life", falling so hard in love and then being heart broken when you had to separate when the summer was over. But you took so much emotion with you from that experience, and just felt so alive.

I think if Dirty Dancing came out today, I wouldn't even care to watch it, but I love it because it reflects this time in my life and these experiences so well.
Sigh. [Smile] [Big Grin] [Wink]
Posted by Brode (Member # 3732) on :
It's got to be Fletch. To be able to talk (or disguise) your way out of any pinch, it would be sweet. "Here's a dog that tried to bite me, here's the motel I stayed in, here's my car, the dog tried to bite that too, here's the Mormon Tabernacle."

Another pick is Keith Nelson of SKOW. I mean, you go from being the losery unknown kid in the school with a father riding your *** to having two hot girls in love with you, standing up to the assface HS king, your dad is fine with you being an artist, and have a legion of metalheads by your side. That would rock pretty hardcore.

There's also Stefan Djordjevic from All The Right Moves. I mean, you make it right with your coach, you get out of the town, and you have a beautiful young girl who is devoted to you. Plus, you kick *** at football.
Posted by jlp937-Sunflower Goddess (Member # 1877) on :
Oh I want Dirty Dancing too.
Posted by LONNIE (Member # 3934) on :
Better off dead I love John Cusak i could learn to ski.
Posted by Anna Sullivan (Member # 4010) on :
Hmmm, I'd still have to go with my favourite... SJP in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Although the whole militant, over possessive father would be rather tedious. I like her because she's a good girl with a small amount of rebel inside. Plus...Lee Montgomery Schnizels my nizzle. [Wink]
Posted by Chris Fulmer (Member # 3197) on :
I'd enjoy living Ghostbusters. Just the idea of standing against something from another realm and pouring everything at them (and know that you can't kill them because they're already dead, so your soul's at peace) is exhilerating. All the while making goofy comments, too.
Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
Ok JLP ....don't be greedy, what will Jake think?

Lonnie, you get the cute exchange student in the end, but the slope to get there is kind of steep. I want my $2!!!!

Anna never underestimate the wraith of an overprotective father. However if someone is gonna Schnizels your nizzle, then this might be an excellent choice.

Chris did you not see the size of that Pillsbury Dough Boy?...btw, did you like the short lived cartoon that was on Saturday mornings?
Posted by Sam MILF Hunter Hain (Member # 3150) on :
I think it would have been pretty cool to be David in the Lost Boys even though those deer antlers would have been painful.
Posted by Eddie Wilson (Member # 169) on :
In Jennifer Connelly's arms in "Career Opportunities." [Smile] ala...Frank Whaley
Posted by rocksteadyflamethrower (Member # 1065) on :
"Career Opportunities" was great...For a 90s movie. [Wink]

I suppose I can't criticize the "izzle" speak...Anybody ever hear that 80s song "Double Dutch Bus"?

Me...What movie would I like to live?

"Lethal Weapon"? No, I wouldn't want to be a suicidal, possibly psychotic widower with a badge and a price on his head that's wanted by an albino jackrabbit son-of-a-b****.

"Pink Floyd: The Wall"? I wouldn't touch this one with a 10 foot pole.

That's it, I've got it:

"STEWARDESS SCHOOL"! I would like to be like Brett Cullen's character of Philo Henderson. He's a failed pilot who goes back to flight school with his nerdy buddy and meets a bunch of people looking to become stewardesses and stewards, including a symphony orchestra player, a heavy metal babe, a former female wrestler, an ex-hooker, and the prerequisite fat chick and gay guy. We would have a bunch of misadventures and then embark on our first flight where pretty much everything that can go wrong will (including lost contact lenses, klutziness reborn and a couple of terrorists as well...This is the 80s, so we can still look at those guys as jokers instead of maniacs). We band together and use our quirks to make things right, and although we end up going to court over what happens, we're acquited, we graduate, and I get the beautiful but clumsy symphony member/stewardess.

That, I could go with.


John Kilduff...

And I wrote reviews of each movie I mentioned for this website. Cool, ain't it?
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
Well, can I say Julie from Valley Girl (again) because she had cool clothes, hip parents, an awesome boyfriend, and was queen of the Prom.

I also love Muffy's life from April Fool's Day, she had alot going on, the fact that her Dad was worth 50 million over the counter, well that isn't so bad. I think besides a few traumatic childhood experiences with Jack in the Boxes, she turned out semi normal.
Posted by JeremyK (Member # 3975) on :
it would have to be The Neverending Story!!!
Posted by fairytayle_17 (Member # 4041) on :
i think i would like to be sarah from the labrynth beacause that maze looked sooo fun! even though she had to rescue her baby brother from the goblin king, it would still be kinda cool!!
Posted by Brandon777 (Member # 4014) on :
I would say The Goonies. The Neverending Story would be cool too.
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
So..hey Goofboy....since you told us all who you didn't want to be....I can understand why knocking up your girlfriend , who you meet on your vacation fling...might not be one to wanna follow.

So, who would you like to be??

It is actually harder to come up with someone who isn't totally disfunctional, when you really start looking at the whole thing.

I mean would ya wanna be Bud and Sissy in Urban in a trailor that was a pig sty and eating McDonald's every night for supper?

I mean in An Officer and a Gentlemen....Zach's past was horribly bad, and Paula's was pretty bad, she never knew her real dad, cause he dumped her mom, and Zach's best friend kills himself. end up liking the characters....but...I know I sure don't wanna end up like Jack Nicholson in One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest's, or The Shining.

I love About Last Night...but I wouldn't want either one of their best friends.

Everyone in St. Elmo's Fire and The Breakfast Club was completely messed up.

I think being Lisa in Weird Science would have had many pluses to it, so that would have been another one of my choices.
Posted by ERIC 31 (Member # 1793) on :
I'd be Randy from Valley Girl. I was already a new wave/skater kid at the time it came out so it wouldn't be a stretch. Plus he got Julie and beat down that jock loser Tommy at the end! Perfect.
Posted by Stitchgroover (Member # 2895) on :
Ferris Bueller's Day Off, without a doubt.

My fave 80's film is Fright Night, but I don't really want to live next to vampires and have my best friend turned into one. Plus, my girlfriend would grow up to become a lesbian
Posted by Smyt Gtfrd ate his vowels (Member # 1500) on :
Great to see someone like Brode wantin' to be cool.
I think Ferris is a great choice,but he's been taken already and i dont want to be a loser and copy...
So im thinkin' Anthony Michael Hall in WEIRD SCIENCE.Yeah he gets slushie poured on him,thats ok by me.He gets a lot of stick from other guys,hey its like real life!
But he's got some great one-liners,creats Steven-if I cup my hands over my stomach in a pensive way no-one will notice im fat-Seagal's wife.And gets to have some fun with her before she decides to run off with Mr Seagal.
He showers with her,kisses her.Gets all brave and cool and gets rid of Vernon Wells who's wearing a costume almost as camp as his Commando get-up.What is it with that guy?Hello!!
So yeah im goin' for A.M.H. ''Its purely sexual''
Posted by prettyinpink (Member # 3998) on :
If it could be any 80's movie I would choose Pretty in pink. Just to have Andrew McCarthy standing next to me would be fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by CT......The Son Of Scarface (Member # 2903) on :
FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMOUNT HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since someone has already pick RANDY from Valley Girl [Roll Eyes] i have to go with............... Jeff Spicoli from "Fast Times At Ridgemount High" .

Jeff was one of the COOLEST characters in the movie [Cool] He ordered pizza while he was in class--Jeff also has been... "Stoned Since The 3rd Grade" (just like me [Wink] ). And Jeff still graduated from high school.
Posted by Kat (Member # 3565) on :
Simple, Jennifer from Back to the future, having the perfect bf and a friends as a scientist who can travel through time and on top a\of all that having a secure future with the man of your dreams and living 'large' what can possibly top all that of? ^_^
Posted by Traci (Member # 4063) on :
It`s a toss for me between Big Trouble In Little China, or The Last Dragon!

I mean both Jack Burton and Leroy are cool.
Posted by piratemoviefan12 (Member # 2715) on :
Goonies/Explorers/Monster Squad...

Not to mention Flight of the Navigator!
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
I think I am liking Streets of Fire so much, I'd like to live that, except I don't want to have to kiss Rick Moranis, but someone could tie me to the bed, and as long as Michael Pare came in with his switch blade, to get me loose, that would be ok by me- [Eek!] [Big Grin] [Wink]

[ 07. April 2005, 06:34: Message edited by: ISIS ]
Posted by kat27 (Member # 3979) on :
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Posted by Eddie Wilson (Member # 169) on :
Originally posted by piratemoviefan12:
Goonies/Explorers/Monster Squad...

Not to mention Flight of the Navigator!

All of these are perfect choices. I would live them all.
Posted by raggedyman (Member # 4065) on :
Hi there. raggedyman here and I'm new to the message boards though I've been visiting this site for a few years now; great site - it was here that I first got the information that lead me to get my copies of the soundtrack cd's for PREDATOR and COMMANDO (very rare, very cool) ok so...which 80's movie would I like to live in? well, I guess as my name would suggest... post-apocalyptic Australia... MAD MAX 2!! or maybe the RAMBO movies, STALLONE was my hero when I was a kid. still is I suppose... or maybe New Mexico - YOUNG GUNS? does that count? [Cool]
Posted by kat27 (Member # 3979) on :
Changed my mind - St Elmo's Fire or Working Girl.
Posted by banarama (Member # 4094) on :
I wanna be Watts from SOme Kind of Wonderful she was so cool!
Posted by VanRayGTO (Member # 3562) on :
Goonies or Back to the's too hard to pick just one.
Posted by imawalkingcorpse (Member # 1675) on :
I would want to be Forest Whitaker's character in Fast Times At Ridgemont High..
Posted by cindymancini (Member # 679) on :
I think I've said this before but I wouldn't mind being Linda in Fast Times. Heck, if I could look that good in a red bikini life wouldn't be so bad [Wink] .
Posted by imawalkingcorpse (Member # 1675) on :
Originally posted by cindymancini:
I think I've said this before but I wouldn't mind being Linda in Fast Times. Heck, if I could look that good in a red bikini life wouldn't be so bad [Wink] .

Yeah... I could be the one to say "Doesn't anyone f'n knock anymore?"
Posted by wallyum (Member # 2746) on :
That's easy. Chris Knight (Val Kilmer) from Real Genius.
Posted by retrowoman68 (Member # 4095) on :
Any movie starring a Corey!
Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
Be careful what you wish for retrowoman68 or you'll have to live through Fast Getaway again and once is plenty. [Razz]
Posted by bigworld (Member # 3107) on :
It would be the Monster Squad or April Fools Day
Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
Bigworld...I love the idea of April Fool's Day, but I would have to be Rob to enjoy it.
Posted by Dr_Evil666 (Member # 4097) on :
I'd live in heathers as Veronica...yeah sure, i'd have to have a sick twisted mind to live in it, but who wouldn't want to go around killing people not get caught and eventually become the first nice popular person....i just think that would so rock. And who doesn't want to be jd's gf? [Big Grin]
Posted by ISIS (Member # 1780) on :
Valley- what's wrong with being Rob-do it! That would be a great movie to live, why didn't I say that... [Roll Eyes] I would definately want to be Kitt in that movie...there was a memorable scene with her and Rob in the boat house, that would be ok by me to live through. [Eek!] [Wink] [Big Grin]
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
I wouldn't mind being in a adventure movie Like Indy Jones, King Soloman's Mines, or High Road to China. Fighting evil, finding treasure, getting the girl, that sort of thing.

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