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Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
Okay of course I don't mean the one with Jim Carrey. I am referring to the 1985 masterpiece that starred Eric Stoltz and the amazing Cher. When I watch that movie I am absolutely mesmerized by Cher's performance when she is at a loss because her son is away and she is trying to write a letter to him and cannot. I think that is absolutely the best scene that she ever did. I also feel that she was completely robbed for not receiving an Oscar for it. This movie really does make you think of how fortunate your life is and how much worse things could be. It is so sad at how our society judges people with disabilities it makes me want to cry.

Anyway does anyone have any fond memories of this classic?
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
Part of Jlp937's post:
...I also feel that she [Cher] was completely robbed for not receiving an Oscar for it...
I have not seen this movie, but I do remember reading how Cher was so disappointed that she didn't get an Oscar (she was not even nominated), that she decided to "get even" with the Academy the following year.

That following year, she knew that she was going to be one of the presenters, so she wore the most garish dress and wildest hairstyle she could find.

It was all the talk around Hollywood at the time.

I remember on some documentary that Cher wanted to dress that way, as a statement. Cher was quoted as saying, "It was my way of saying 'F___ You!' to the Academy for not winning that Oscar in Mask!"

However, Cher did win a "Best Actress" at the Cannes Film Festival for that movie. And she finally did win her "Best Actress" Oscar for Moonstruck a few years later. And she also wore a revealing outfit for that one too!

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Posted by Rainbowbrite22 (Member # 2288) on :
I love this movie it is the best movie cher has been in in my opinion plus eric was great just great
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
Watched this earlier, excellent movie.

Loved Cher in her role... her and Sam Elliot as the good looking biker couple. And great job by Eric Stoltz.

A lot of familiar faces in it is well


I always liked the part where Rocky goes to help out at the blind camp, where he meets Laura Dern, but one of the best moments in the movie, (for me) is at the end where Cher is visiting Rocky's grave and smiles as she recites her son's poem in her head. She really did a fantastic job and was beautiful in this movie!

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