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Posted by Doomtrooper (Member # 3615) on :
Okay, am I the only one here who's seen Shock Treatment, the little-known sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Years ago my mom watched this movie, and told me I had to see it. she wouldn't let my watch Rocky Horror, but she loved Shock Treatment. Whenever I talk about it I have to explain that "yes, there is a sequel." I know that if there's anyone who's seen this, it'd be you guys. Who's ever heard of/seen this obscure gem?

Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
I love Rocky Horror to death!!!!!! I can sing it all! Just quiz me?!
I've also seen Shock bored me! I can't remember a whole lot about it. Just that it didn't flow too well for me and drifted so far from Rocky Horror's plot.

I know Richard o'Brien wrote it and was in it......but I didn't love it....So tell me Doomy should I give it another try and why? Cause I could have been under other "influences" the first round.

What did you do on xmas morning Muffy after opening your presents? "Talked about Rocky Horror on the Rewind".... [Big Grin] hehe
Posted by GremlinBreakfast (Member # 2585) on :
I didn't like 'Shock Treatment' either....

I should maybe watch it again though, as it has been a very long time since I last sat down to watch it. My only memory of the movie was being very disappointed after seeing it for the first time. In some ways I guess I was expecting 'Rocky Horror 2,' although being a huge fan and everything of the original I would have probably criticised it however it came out.

'Rocky Horror' to me had great songs, characters and an exceptional cast, which are the main reasons why I love it so much. However, 'Shock Treatment' didn't seem to have anything going to sustain my interest, or to compell me to want to know what was going to happen in the end. I too was kinda bored! I even tried to erase 'Rocky Horror' from existance and look at it as a stand-alone movie (which I probably should have done first).... I guess I found more faults doing it that way though. Believe me, I so wanted to love it too!

Although its not a movie I would buy Doomy, this thread has definately made me want to see it again.

Posted by Doomtrooper (Member # 3615) on :
Originally posted by Muffy Tepperman:
Shock Treatment drifted so far from Rocky Horror's plot .

True dat, Muffie. Apparently, the whole movie was written around the song "Shock Treatment," origionally meant to be in Rocky Horror, but they couldn't fit it in, and thought "what a shame to waste such a good song, so...." and thus, Shock Treatment the movie was born.

Originally posted by Muffy Tepperman:
So tell me Doomy should I give it another try and why?

Definately yes. But pretend its not a sequel to anything, because honestly, calling it a "sequel" is using the term generously, considering it does not advance the plot of Rock Horror, and the story is completely different. But the reason I like it is because it shows the way poeple will watch any garbage that is put in front of them on tv, and don't think for themselves, just listen to and believe what they're s'posed to. If you do watch it again, look for signs of this, like the way the audiance reacts exactly how they're s'posed to, or the fact that they actually live in the studio, sleeping in their chairs. Or how Burt accidently calls them "customers" instead of veiwers at one point.

Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
They played it on TV once and I watched it and I didnt even make it all the way was pretty bad. I cant even write a plot summary because I dont even remember it that well.

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