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Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
One of Whoopi's best movies. She was comedically on in this comedy which co-starred Annie Potts, John Belushi, and oh you know who else! I can't remember all of their names even though I can see their faces. She works for a bank and communicates--maybe this is where the idea for instant messaging came huh?--with people all over the world about recipes and relationships. She intercepts a transmission from a British Intelligence agent and gets caught in a web of hiliarious deceit and mayhem. Probablly one of my favorite scenes of this film is when Terri Doolittle (Whoopi) goes to the Consulate dressed up in that Blue sequeins gown and wig! I also loved it when they drugged her and she was going around the salon looking for Jack's ex-girlfriend.

Her eyes were funky color in this film a weird blue color. What are your memories of this film? ;)
Posted by rhodes (Member # 3293) on :
to me the only good thing about this movie was the theme song done by the rollING stones

Posted by paulshrimpton (Member # 1022) on :
Originally posted by rhodes:
to me the only good thing about this movie was the theme song done by the rollING stones

Which still makes it Whoopi Goldberg's best comedy movie!!
Posted by jlp937 (Member # 1877) on :
There have to be more people that this that have an opinion on this film? Come on please someone say a like or another dislike for that matter about it.
Posted by GremlinBreakfast (Member # 2585) on :
I really do like this film Jess... I happened to show it to one of my younger cousins not so long ago, and she thought it was hysterical (mostly down to the brilliant whoopi goldberg of course)

I love the 'sing with me and find the key' sequence, the consolate party with the shredder, and also the frantic finale. Most of all though, I think the thing that keeps someone watching (for the first time) is to see what Jack looks like in the end - that is only if they do not recognise his voice in the first place.

I would definately agree and say that 'Jumpin Jack Flash' is Whoopi's best comedy. The telephone 'rescue me' sequence had me in hysterics when I was younger, as did the 'truth syrup' scene when she mistakes animal fur as the real thing and beats the hell out of it. I know a few people who don't like the bad language in this film, but I think it adds to her performance. Who can forget that scene when she goes to the police station about the dead guy floating in the river?! Haha!

Once again Jess, your 'movie of the day' threads have made me pull out the DVD and watch it once more! Thanks! x

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Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
i'm a little black woman, trapped in a big silver box [Big Grin]

this movie cracks me up! i love it.

hey jess i thought whoopi's eyes were blue in the movie BURGLAR. that was wicked.
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
I soooooooo wanna watch Jumpin Jack Flash now.......but I don't own that one as of yet! ****te! Is this the one with the paper shredder dress scene? I can't even remember?

You know what one of my favorite Whoopi movies is though???? Ghost! She was so hillarouis as Oda May! She has a way of being a great comedy presence and an outstanding presence in dramas too. I love Clara's Heart with little Doogie Howser. I also enjoyed Corrina, the 90's.
I'm so gonna be searching for Jumpin Jack Flash now......Jess I love your movies of the day!!! so cool girl! [Big Grin]
Posted by Nostalgic for the '80's (Member # 37454) on :
First of all, Happy New Year 2020 to everyone on the board.

I just watched Jumpin' Jack Flash for the first time ever (on the DVD), thanks to this thread. Excellent film, and - as an '80's kid - I'm surprised I missed this for so long. Prior to seeing this, I hadn't known it was directed by the late Penny Marshall.

Many elements of the film remind me of a classic Hitchcock flick, i.e. with the innocent protagonist getting inadvertently involved in an espionage situation completely out of her control. I also saw elements of neo-noir, especially the night scenes with jazzy music being played in the background- very cool.

Being a huge movie fan myself, it was nice to see the classic movie posters on Terri Doolittle's walls (in her apartment) - this also emphasized the homage(s) to Hitchcock.

-Great cast in the film - in addition to WG, the movie featured the late Phil Hartman, John Lovitz, Annie Potts, James Belushi, Jonathan Pryce (as Jack, at the end), etc.

The comedic elements were great, and I laughed out loud numerous times throughout the film:

-Doolittle's wardrobe choices were hilarious - i.e., a shirt/outfit seemingly inspired by the "Raggedy Ann" doll - LOL; a yellow scarf & yellow shoes combo.; a red scarf/red shoe combo. - etc. She looked outlandish & ridiculous - which I'm sure was intentional.

-Great scene when Doolittle's blue dress got caught in the shredder at the British embassy - very funny [Wink]

-Doolittle's manager at the bank - Mr. James Page - had one of the ugliest rugs (hairpieces) I've ever seen in cinema - hilarious!

-The blonde woman (in the pink dress) @ the front desk in the British embassy was the spitting image of Princess Diana, circa the '80's - which I'm sure was intentional - LOL.

Also - Jumpin' Jack Flash is one of my favorite Stones tracks, and it was nice to see the song featured in the film - when Doolittle was trying to decode the clues by listening to the song. Also enjoyed the excellent r&b cover version by artist Aretha Franklin, which was heard over the end credits.

I liked this film so much that I will probably watch it again, sometime in the next year. Well-done!
Posted by aTomiK (Member # 6575) on :
I also watched this for the first time last may.

The film had it´s problems: director switch, Marshall´s first feature, fours writers (some with aliases) and it was supposed to be a Shelley Long vehicle.

I however also liked the film, especially the first hour was good and the introduction opening with great Pointer Sisters tune "Set Me Free" was pure gold.

Lots of familiar actors like you said and it really has that UK/USA collaboration feel.

Loved the Benny Hill Show clip and they even mention Sybil Fawlty which was supercool!

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