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Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
We sometimes watch a movie on Thanksgiving after we all eat, to just kick back and relax, what do you guys think is a great movie to watch with your family?

I think some of the old Disney Classics are great to watch, also The Wilderness Family movies-they had Thanksgiving in the first one, or maybe Savannah Smiles...
Posted by Sam Hain 666 (Member # 3150) on :
Thanksgiving for us always means

board games
Posted by Jules (Member # 2627) on :
I like to watch a Christmas movie, like White Christmas or something like that.
Posted by Devolution (Member # 1731) on :
Devolution here,

Like there are anymore than the two best...

Planes Trains and Automobiles.



We are DEVO
Posted by Canyoudigit. (Member # 2703) on :
The Exorcist.
Posted by Chris Fulmer (Member # 3197) on :
PT&A, hands (and feet) down.
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
80's movies that take place during Thanksgiving:

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"
Woody Allen's "Hannah And Her Sisters"

Are there any other examples from the 80's? I can't think of very many.
Posted by Chris Fulmer (Member # 3197) on :
There's one whose title I can't remember at all. What I can remember is this one guy dies over the turkey as he's preparing to cut it, and the rest of the family moves out to the country and after much trial and error start a successful fish farm. Does this ring a bell with anyone?
Posted by C.T. (Member # 2903) on :
A Christmas Story

Home Alone

Uncle Buck

Home For The Hoildays

The Goonies

Trading Places

Die Hard.....I know alot of these movies have nothing to do with Thanksgiving but i have watched all these movies on Thanksgivivg at some point and time.
Posted by Giancarlo (Member # 2774) on :
Dear Isis ,
last year I spent the Thanksgiving in Ny by some friends and we saw the great "Planes, trains and automobiles"; we laughed a lot even if I was cram full of food and goodies and sometimes I couldn't move any muscles of my face!Watch it but before lunch.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Posted by Skatefan (Member # 3166) on :
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"
Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
Hey Giancarlo, I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving too- [Big Grin]

I remember I went on a double date to see Planes, Trains and Automobiles at the movies when it came out, and we thought it was so funny. I don't know when the last time I saw that was, I can't even remember it that much. I should watch it again. I don't even own it. I have to start a new list of stuff.

Sounds like lots of people think it is a good one.
Posted by Obscurus Lupa (Member # 2700) on :
The perfect Thanksgiving movie? Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. [Razz] He always had the best holiday specials. And his Thanksgiving dinner always looked so fun. It's nice to have variety every once and awhile.
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
I love those CHARLIE BROWN specials.
PLANES TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES is good and they usually play it around this time.
And its never too early for A CHRISTMAS STORY.
Posted by cindymancini (Member # 679) on :
I know this is going to sound boring but I have to go with the standards on this one...Home Alone and Uncle Buck are just perfect! I think it's the house in each of these that gets me. So beautiful yet cozy [Razz] .
Posted by C.T. (Member # 2903) on :
That's the same reason i like watching Home Alone & Uncle Buck too Cindymancini!...

I love the homes in these two movie. Could'nt you just imagine spending the holiday in one of these houses. And beside you can't go wrong with a young Macauley Culkin for the holidays. They don't make em' like that anymore.

Before i forget Cindy....My favorite house in a movie is the house in WEIRD SCIENCE. Wyatt's House were the party was at. I just love the Kitchen in that home.
Posted by mamamiasweetpeaches (Member # 1715) on :
WAXWORK! its not Thanksgivingt...but I just ordered it because we were just talking about it so Thats what Im lookin foward to.

"Lord...on Thansgiving I am thanful for....Deborah Foreman!"
Posted by Chris Fulmer (Member # 3197) on :
Yep, that's one of the reasons I'd love to settle down in SHermer if it ever really existed--the beautiful suburban architecture. Hughes always gives his characters great places to live (although we never do see exactly where they live, I think it's a safe bet that at least half the Breakfast Club has similarly well-made residences, with Claire's likely bordering on the palatial).
Posted by cindymancini (Member # 679) on :
Alright C.T., now you're really freaking me's like you read my mind or something. I have ALWAYS loved Wyatt's house, especially the kitchen. I've never told anyone that. WEIRD! It's kind of dark but I love the color of the cabinets and the tile. I want to live in Shermer!!!!! [Razz]
Posted by ValleyCat (Member # 1322) on :
Well the best Thanksgiving movie to me is not 80's, it is actually the movie "It's A Wonderful Life".

It is a tradition at my house to watch it the night of Thanksgiving. I actually tear up and cry when I watch this movie. Not to get sappy, but we all do touch each others lives and we all are important in our own ways. My name's Valley, but I can relate to George Bailey at least once a year. [Big Grin]
Posted by Chris Fulmer (Member # 3197) on :
Who doesn't? It always seems that, at first glance, we don't make a difference in other people's lives (Lord knows I have a lot lately), but if you look close enough, you'll see how. It should really have been higher than 12th on the first AFI countdown.
Posted by SouthernKat (Member # 3239) on :

Yes, it is not 1980's and yes it might seem like a strange choice but last night I saw "Spiderman" for the first time.

There is actually a Thanksgiving Dinner scene in it! That's probably why Fox chose to show it on Thanksgiving night. I was in my typical "multi-tasking" mode but that movie absorbed my attention to where I had to look at it more closely.

Best Thanksgiving movie? I don't know. It might be the best superhero movie I ever saw. Or at least equal to Superman.

Posted by isis9968 (Member # 1780) on :
I love looking at houses too in movies. I like Wyatt's house too. I also like Jake Ryan's house.

I know someone who has a house that is almost a duplicate of the Home Alone House. The outside is just like it, but the inside was actually nicer, I know these people spent $16,000 just on wallpaper, and $5,000 a piece on chandeliers and they had 3 of them. It was so crazy. They had a livingroom off their bedroom. I think the whole house had 16 rooms in it, and there were only 2 people livng in it.

I love big cool houses. The house I really like on the outside is the one in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, but I hate the inside, I hate all white walls, and it was too plain.

My all time FAVORITE movie house, is The Banks house in Father of the Bride 1 & 2, I love everything about that house. I love their kitchen.

I also liked Mr. Wilson's house in Dennis the Menace and his garden.

I always thought Bridgette Fonda's apartment in It Could Happen to you was really cute-I like the shabby chic look.
Posted by HipsterMom27 (Member # 2161) on :
I always loved kicking off the holiday season on Turkey Day with the original "Miracle on 34th Street" and "It's a Wonderful Life."
Posted by Muffy Tepperman (Member # 1551) on :
Originally posted by ValleyCat:
I actually tear up and cry when I watch this movie. Not to get sappy, but we all do touch each others lives and we all are important in our own ways. My name's Valley, but I can relate to George Bailey at least once a year. [Big Grin]

This thread has turned into two things I absolutley love talking about.......interiors in movies and It's a Wonderful Life!!!!

Valley I always cry at IAWL [Frown] ......"No one is poor who has friends." It's a classic for a reason and my favorite movie ever! Love and life and what impact you make on the people around you....ahhhhhhh. [Big Grin] [Wink]

As an adult...I notice the interior architecture in movies more then I ever did. I always wanted to grow up in a house with a second floor....with a cool staircase. My best friend growing up did and had the coolest second floor bedroom with a window seat.I was so envious of her.

One of my favorite houses in an 80's movie is definatly the house in Beetlejuice. I loved the loft in Big too. I still want a loft apartment like that with huge windows all around overlooking the city....I can still dream right???
Posted by gordongecko (Member # 4685) on :
For me it's Planes Trains and Automobiles. I'm looking forward to watching this in the coming days and then on or the day before Thanksgiving. We usually watch a Christmas movie Thanksgiving night as well. Not sure what it will be yet, but I might push or A Christmas Story this year.

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