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Posted by Nick N (Member # 2158) on :
The most dramatic 80s scene I've ever seen is the scene from The Breakfast Club where they are sitting on the floor in the library talking about why they are in detention in the first place and they start crying. there was also some comedy in that scene.
Posted by goonie_girl (Member # 1530) on :
yeah, that was a good scene. i'd have to say the scene in st. elmo's fire where they are trying to break into demi moore's charactors apartment in the end is pretty dramatic too. but the most dramatic scene would have to be in stand by me when ace wants to take the body from chris and gordie. that was perfect!
Posted by nothinlikebefore (Member # 1888) on :
I'd have to say the scene in Blade Runner, at the very end on the roof. When Roy makes the comment about memories being lost, like tears in the rain... I cried.

Also the scene in Say Anything, where they are in the car and she gives him the pen. The lines where he calls himself a d*ck kills me.
Posted by Lady Depp (Member # 317) on :
One of the most dramatic scenes ever in an 80s movie would have to be the part in Stand By Me when Chris and Gordie were talking about how Chris wished he could go to a place where nobody knew him, and he breaks down crying. Very emotional...also in the end when they show River Phoenix fade away.
Posted by goonie_girl (Member # 1530) on :
the scene in stand by me when river phoenix fades away wasn't dramatic then, but when you watch it now, it's really creepy, definately ironic.
Posted by RiverPhoenix4life (Member # 1719) on :
I agree w/ u Lady Depp, good suggestions. For my input, how about the last few minutes of The Last American Virgin or the scene in Pretty In Pink when Andy calls Blaine out in the hallway. Or, the scene in F B's Day off, when Cameron is taking out his pent up aggression on the car in the garage. C'mon, how many of your mouths dropped when the car when out the window. I was in shock!!!

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Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
The scene in Top Gun after Goose has his fatal accident, and Maverick is in the bathroom before he has to see Goose's wife (Meg Ryan) stands out for me.
Posted by rocksteadyflamethrower (Member # 1065) on :
I thought the songs "Part Of Your World" from "The Little Mermaid" and "Somewhere That's Green" from "Little Shop Of Horrors" were somewhat tear-jerking.

I welled up a little at the scene in "Fatal Beauty" where Whoopi Goldberg's detective character Rita Rizzoli is describing her drug-addled past to the bodyguard (Sam Elliot) of the man she's trying to nail for putting a deadly narcotic (the title drug) on the streets.

Mel Gibson as Martin Riggs, gnawing on a gun barrel and pointing it at his head while looking at a photo of his dead wife holds some resonance for me (I lost a loved one myself...To be specific, my father, who died of a heart attack in 1995. Also, I've tried to commit suicide several times myself, so I can relate to that as well).


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Posted by servo (Member # 2119) on :
Easy, Terms of Endearment, when Debra Winger's dying in the hospital and her brat son is giving her grief. Somebody smack that kid!
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
I thought the gun standoff near the end of Million Ways to die was tense and dramatic.

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