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Posted by I used to fancy Molly Ringwald (Member # 1884) on :
Is this out yet, I cant find it in the UK?. I would love there to be some good extras on it......doubt it though?
Posted by Rose (Member # 2033) on :
That would be great if it is, I would think if had it, that the UK version of Amazon would too, go fig.
Posted by deathbystereo80 (Member # 2005) on :
Usedtofancy, unfortunately it's not out on DVD in Europe yet, trust me, I've been checking the UK amazon site every so often (since I figure that IF it ever came to Europe, it would be UK first). Well, let's keep our fingers crossed that the DVD-gods grant us this wish...
Posted by Ali_with_an_i (Member # 27) on :
You know it's really unfair how they release certin movies in the US first or in the UK first. Sometimes all of you have to wait and vice versa for us in the States. I'm thinking of buying a multi-region DVD player so that I can have whatever DVD I want when I want it!
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
About 1/3 of my 160+ DVD collection is non-R2 for two reasons, films can be gotten cheaper from outside the UK, and a large amount of films just aren't available on R2.

A lot of DVD players can be made multiregional without having to send them to someone to upgrade them with a hack chip, they can be made multiregional by punching in a special sequence on the remote control.
Posted by AdventuresInGooniesitting (Member # 1882) on :
There are 2 different Breakfast Club DVDs available in the USA, but they are both practically bare-bones releases. The first disc only has production notes, and the second one only has the trailer. If they are ever released overseas, don't hold your breath on getting any bonus material...
Posted by Riptide (Member # 457) on :
What is the exact date of the spec. edition DVD of this? Is it this fall?
Posted by Valley (Member # 1322) on :
Riptide, the US release date is 9/16/08. However, I'm waiting for the Blu-ray release.

Ok this thread is filled with some awesome Rewind screen names.....I used to fancy Molly Ringwald, deathbystereo80, Ali_with_an_i, and AdventuresinGooniesitting,
Posted by LaneyDiamond (Member # 7161) on :
I've got the DVD of Breakfast Club which I bought here in the UK. Had it a while now. Can't remember where I brought it though. I'm pretty sure that I brought it in HMV or somewhere like that :-)
Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
Don't forget that the Rewind Retro Assistant is always there to help with just this sort of question...

Yes, its available in the UK. Specs can be found for USA, Canada and The UK on the above link.

Hope that helps!

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