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Posted by Sam Hain (Member # 1552) on :
Just wondering what other message boards you post at and under what names.

I post at a couple Hockey boards using the name catapault.

I post at under the name catapault007.

I also mod a forum at el under the name Sam Hain.

My name at Talk City is SKuLLs_OwT.

Now your turn
Posted by Ronnie (Member # 465) on :
i visit i am registered with their forums (under the same name) but i never post. i read it everyday though. i have been registered for a year i think, and i am still a "zombie maggot." [Razz]

great site, by the way-if you like horror [Wink]
Posted by TKO (Member # 1471) on :
I’m also registered at under the name ‘Spicoli’ mainly to check on new r2 dvd releases.
I’ve only posted there once or twice but it’s just no use.
All topics are like:
- Which dvd did you find the most scary?
- Which dvd did you buy/saw yesterday?
- Which dvd has the nicest cover?
- Which S.E. dvd do you cherish the most? and so on,...

Pretty boring as you can see, so now I only post on the ‘Rewind’.
Posted by MONSOON (Member # 335) on :
In every forum I post in its as MONSOON. Occassionally I'll have to use the old Dutch spelling MONSSOEN and on the more popular ones Ill have to use something like MONSOON1ST. I have one site that I just joined that they actually make their members use their real names "For a more personal forum" The ones where I can't use MONSOON are the ones that are the least frequentd by me. And are used strictly for places to search for specific answers to something. In all honesty I dont post that much unless I feel I have something to contribute. Hence my low post count given the length of time Ive been a member here.
Posted by StevenHW (Member # 509) on :
Sam Hain asked:

Just wondering what other message boards you post at and under what names.

Why do you ask? So you can send us junk spam e-mail?

(Just kidding!)

I go simply as "Steve" on a message board from Sound Choice, which makes karaoke CD's.

I am also "StevenHW" (just like here) on, on several newsgroups. Such as, and on the 80's culture board, which is....

I'm known as "sekalovesntn", which is a newsgroup of interactive trivia players collectively known as "BadBart". All the members play what is known as "NTN Trivia", an interactive game that you play in some bars or restaurants.

If you're interested in playing NTN Trivia, go to:

Then there are the porn message boards, which I'm known, oh, forget it! I ain't telling!
[Roll Eyes]
Posted by sam hain2 (Member # 1964) on :
I don't play ntn online but I do go to the bars and play under the name LITRBX.

BTW lost my password here so I re-registerd under the name sam hain2.
Posted by TresFoxy (Member # 542) on :
hmmm.... you couldn't just request it?? Well I guess if you wanted to post something right away then it was a good idea! Sad about loosing your status though I mean you are back to a junior dude again.... [Frown]
Posted by sam hain2 (Member # 1964) on :
no big deal. To me postcount is only a number.
Posted by TresFoxy (Member # 542) on :
True true but I guess I am more superficial than that. I see it as a sense of achievement. To be respected by our peers on this site to have our opions be valued more by being a higher member. [Roll Eyes] Ok maybe... not really... I'm just a dork! [Embarrassed] LOL It's kinda sad really that I recieve such excitement from seeing who is ahead in the posting race!! [Frown] I'm always like who's gonig to be promoted next is it devo??? isis ??? will anyone catch up to Ali??? I do consider this site one of my only forms of entertainment. Since I have no TV and have to drive a mile to just get to a computer to make some silly posts(some of them aren't silly) I find you guys pretty important. It is a sad sad thing but in the same respect it does say alot for this site though!!! Clearly we all love it. If we didn't there would not be so many posts!!! [Wink]

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