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Posted by Robert f Palmer Jr (Member # 1703) on :
but i dont know what year it came out.

I been looking for a movie dont know what year it came out or if any one but me saw it when i was young im 20 now i saw the movie about 15 years ago and it was not a new movie well i dont think so ok anyways. There was a bike-rider a rebal of some sort.he died by playing chicken on a hill or some thing like that but i guess he fell off. But he came back from the dead because his son or some thing was going to do the same thing with his car. at the end the kid lives and he goes back to heaven and the mom see him after i guess. OK i'm sorry but i just remmber some parts its been a long time if you can help me thanks i benn looking for ever for this movie.
Posted by djcsuperstar (Member # 723) on :
Hmmmmm. Dead rebel-type comes back to save kid...Sounds like The Heavenly Kid, only the guy in that dies in a car (he gets stuck trying to jump out, drives off the cliff, dies) and is sent back to Earth to help this kid who turns out to be (surprise!) the son of his highschool sweetheart.

That ones an 80's movie, 1985 to be precise, but it's not on the list.

Try this...
Posted by Robert f Palmer Jr (Member # 1703) on :
man all these years and you did it in a hour your a god. Thanks Thanks Thanks. [Smile] [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

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