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Posted by Hollywood862003 (Member # 1383) on :
Hey, do you remember in "Beverly Hills Cop" where Axel goes to Billy's house for super glue, and he sets a book of matches in Big Al's tank, and sets a little lid with super glue in it beside it,and then a few minutes later, a finger print shows up on the book of matches?

Axel says: "It's not wierd, what happens is the fumes from the super glue attaches itself to the acid on the finger prints."

Has anyone tried that, to see if it really works?

And are there any other little tricks like that one in other movies that you like? [Confused]

-Hollywood86 [Karate Kid]
Posted by OConner880 (Member # 415) on :
That works but your suspect would usually have to leave a complete fingerprint with more grease on his hands than a pizza chef. Its funny the Beverly Hills Cop 2 DVD has a half hour thing with the directors and producers at the end, there was one scene shortly after that one that Bruckheimer cut out because it showed a fool-proof and easy way for anyone to open a deadbolt lock. The tin foil trick he used to open the door without triggering the alarm wouldnt work with tin foil from a gum wrapper, it would have to be cleaner like boxed tin foil pressed out as smoothly as possible...nobody uses those kinds of alarms anymore anyway. I loved that movie, the first Beverly Hills Cop was such a groundbreaker for was the first time the redlight ditch was used in a movie, the first time it was ever shown that coffee can make packaged drugs go undetected at checkpoints, the first movie where you see someone shoving fruit in a car's tailpipe to stall the engine..its a good thing they decided to use Murphy instead of Stallone at the last minuet, if not Eddie Murphy might not have a good career today and Beverly Hills Cop would rank right up there with a Dolph Lundren movie.
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
There's been an interesting and fun new series started here in the UK a couple of weeks back called "Hollywood Science" where each week they look at 3 'tricks' used in films and try to re-create them for real. Hosted by Robert Llewelin (plays Kryten in Red Dwarf) and some other guy who knows his science.

One of the best ones I saw that worked was breaking into an unbreakable safe, in the film the hero drilled a hole in the top, fed a pipe from the sprinkler system into it to fill it completely with water then put a detonator down into it. In the film the door blew completely off across the room, in the real life experiment the 12inch safe's door was blown off but didn't go flying.
Posted by Hollywood862003 (Member # 1383) on :
Those are great tricks! Does anyone else know any more? [Big Grin]

-Hollywood86 [Karate Kid]
Posted by djcsuperstar (Member # 723) on :
I always liked the one when Mathew Broderick uses a soda-can tab to make a free call in Wargames.

I tried that once, couldn't get it to work though.

Also, licking my palms to fake an illness like in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which didn't work either.

When I was a kid, after watching A Christmas Story, I stuck my tounge on a cold metal fence pole in the middle of winter. Now that worked. [Eek!]

I haven't tried to make a woman with my computer yet.
Posted by Rockstar (Member # 461) on :
How about in Terminator 2 ( I know it isn't an 80's movie) but when the kid used his atari (80's) to get "free" money out of the local ATM machine Now that was cool
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
It's about as plausable as D.A.R.Y.L. pressing the right buttons on the ATM machine to get free money and also boost the dad's bank account into the millions [Big Grin]
Posted by willman85 (Member # 1215) on :
Hey Wizard, when's that 'hollywood science' on?
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
Wednesdays, 7:30pm BBC2. Although it was a bit grim watching Robert Llewelin showering with soap made from pigs fat and a couple of other ingredients (like the soap made in Fight Club) and drinking his own, 'purified' urine (like Kevin Costner in Waterworld).
Posted by noblprz (Member # 999) on :
Anyone know when the show is on in the US? Maybe on BBC America. And speaking of BBC and the 80's, who here loves the "Crimson Short One" (Red Dwarf) as much as I do?

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