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Posted by Mid_KnightFD (Member # 1386) on :
I saw this film when I was pretty young I cant remember to much of the plot but I will try and give you what I can. Here we go.

It was, I am pretty sure an 80's horror or could be early 90's. The plot was basically about I know at least two kids,could be more(3) , in I think high school, one boy(Nerdy) the other a girl they didnt like there teacher he was very mean. I know one of the things he would do to you if you ****ed him off was eat the gum off the bottom of the desk. Anyway they wanted to get him back so they did some kind of ritual and cast I think some kind of spell on him that made his head come off. I cant remember much else other than they go to I guess check on him and he lives in this big house and he trys to get them. At the end there in the class room and he has stiches all around his neck.

I know its not much but I hope someone can help me, Its about to drive me crazy. I know I liked it when I was younger and would like to see it again. It was a classic cheesey horror.
Posted by MonieIntheMiddle (Member # 1391) on :
I registered just to answer your question, as I am familiar with the film...

It's Amazing Stories. Remember that wonderful nightly Speilberg produced TV show in the same vein as the Twilight Zone?? Well, it had a series of films (I think a total of 5).

I'm almost positive that what you're referring to is the story of the high school students putting a curse on their teacher. They accidentially tore the picture of him (I believe he was play by Chris Loyd of Back to the Future fame??, though I could be mistaken) in half causing his head to be severed.
Posted by Mid_KnightFD (Member # 1386) on :
Thanx I am pretty sure that thats it. Now I can sleep at night. I did try and go rent it last night but sorry *** Blockbuster doesnt carry it. So now I am going to try Best Buy or suncoast. At least I know.
Posted by RowMan (Member # 1312) on :
If it IS from Amazing Stories, the episode is entitled, "Go To The Head of the Class" and it was directed by Robert Zemeckis. This episode has been released on home video, but may be out of print now. I'm pretty sure the name of the tape it's on is called, "Amazing Stories Book 2" and also includes the animated "Family Dog" episode directed by Tim Burton.

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