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Posted by retrokitty (Member # 1384) on :

I have been searching for the Tuff Turf Soundtrack and have not been successful. Does anyone know where I can get one or does anyone have a copy they want to sell? Thanks!
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
Get in line Miss Kitty!....just kidding, I too am desperately searching for a copy. I'm over here in Australia, you probably have a better chance than I do at nabbing it. Please let me know if you get one, I'll be crossing my fingers for you. Good Luck! [Wink]
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
I almost had the soundtrack LP but forgot to bid, kicking myself for it [Frown]

On soundtracks, I saw someone bid $300 on an original CD of Breakin, I want that CD myself but not at that price! guess I'll have to stick with my LP of it for now. Also want The Wraith CD but that goes for over $150, sticking to my LP of that too.
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
You FORGOT to bid!!! You're killin' me over here! I can't believe how much people are prepared to pay for certain things...pretty hardcore hey! Good on'em I say, you should go after what you really want, especially 80's stuff. [Big Grin]
Posted by Kitkat3232 (Member # 1390) on :
just get the music from Kazaa
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
Akita, I'm terrible at that, I've forgotten to bid on loads of things over the past few years, one thing that I was really kicking myself over not bidding on was an extremely rare Gamegear game, Bartman vs Radioactiveman which I thought only extisted in prototype form and was never released.

Kitkat3232, easier said than done, can you find "Lene Lovich - Breakin' The Rules (What Do You Do When Opposites Attract)" ? the track is damn near impossible to find anywhere online.
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
Yeah, easier said than done is right...another one you can't get from downloads is Marianne Faithful 'Love Hates'.

For Wizard, What a bummer you missed out on that game. I know how you feel though, you could literally just KICK yourself when something rare gets away from you. Everytime I see 80's gear on the Aussie ebay, I often wonder if my 80's Rewind friends are aware of it. I suppose you have international access as well as local. If you ever see Tuff Turf Soundtrack in mulitple numbers....I'd be interested in buying one when you've snagged your own copy, as would RetroKitty I imagine. Same this way too, if there is ever anything in OZ you want I'd be more than happy to help. [Big Grin]
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
Just for fun I checked my download site WinMX. I found Lene Lovich- 'Breakin' the rules'. I'm not sure if you can access this site from where you live, you should be able to hey? If you can't I will download the song and then email it to you if you like. My Marianne Faithful song isn't on the site though. Do you know it's the ONLY song I've ever encountered that I can't download from WinMX. Hope this helps. [Smile]
By the way... I was lucky enough to buy a DVD of Tuff Turf (it arrived on my birthday!) from ebay. I paid $15.95 that's with postage. Anyway, when I used to rent the video years ago, it was a male band singing 'Breakin' the Rules' in the car scene when they're off to the Country Club and they go through Beverly Hills etc. I had
no idea Lene actually sang the song until I bought the DVD! True story...even my friends commented on the use of a different singer in that scene. Do you know anything about that???
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
Guess who won the Tuff Turf soundtrack LP on eBay today [Big Grin]

Now to pay for it and get it shipped from America... then persuade my friend with the expensive turntable to put that and my other soundtrack LP's - Night of the Comet, The Wraith and Breakin' to CD.
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
CONGRATULATIONS.....I'm jealous! [Wink]
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
Sorry forgot to ask before.....could you list all the songs on the soundtrack. Just out of curiosity. Pretty please!!!!
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
1 Southside Johnny -Tuff Turf
2 The Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died
3 Jack Mack And The Heart Attack - Green Onions
4 The Jim Carroll Band - Voices
5 Jack Mack And The Heart Attack - So Tuff
6 Lene Lovich - Breakin The Rules (What Do You Do When Opposites Attract)
7 Marianne Faithful - Love Hates
8 The Jim Carroll Band - Its Too Late
9 Jack Mack And The Heart Attack - Shes Looking Band
10 Dale Gonyea With J. R And The Z-Men - Twist And Shout

Can't wait to get it, the postage cost more than the LP!
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
I'm SOOOO jealous!!!! You're a lucky guy, well done.
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
I'll give you one guess as to what I put onto CD today... [Big Grin]

Oh and I've found the PERFECT CD-R's to put my vinyl soundtracks onto: you just have to take a look.

[ 28. May 2003, 19:28: Message edited by: The Wizard ]
Posted by Akita (Member # 1257) on :
Hey Wizard....Best buddy 'ol pal....if you happen to accidently make another copy to CD I know someone over here that would give you lots and lots of money for a copy. But that's probably highly illegal right???? I just don't know how I can go on knowing you have it and I don't. Jealousy is an ugly emotion!!! [Frown]

[Big Grin]

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