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Posted by Jhutch (Member # 1352) on :
I keep forgetting the name of this 80s movie about a group of kids that live on an army base (I think). There's one scene in the movie where the kids use a secret code that they invented, which involved them blinking their eyes??? I searched for the title "Army Brats" or the keywords "secret code", but came up with nothing. Any ideas?
Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
The only film I can think of with kids living on an army base is Iron Eagle, where they steal a plane to rescue one of their dads.
Posted by ViciousHeadbutt (Member # 1345) on :
I can remember a movie who's title is actually "Army Brats" maybe in 1984.
Posted by ViciousHeadbutt (Member # 1345) on :
Tried to look for it on the net but didn't come up with anything. [Confused]
Do you remember any of the plot or possible actors in it?

Good Luck.
Posted by Jhutch (Member # 1352) on :
no, i don't remember any of the plot. the kids are about the age of the "Goonies" gang. i remember scenes of them at a public swimming pool. they use that secret code in a scene w/ a "bad guy"--but i really can't remember what was going on...
Posted by willman85 (Member # 1215) on :
Was the film dubbed? 'Cos if it was you might want to check this out:
Posted by Jhutch (Member # 1352) on :
i don't think it was dubbed. i thought it was a comedy/family movie. but i really can't remember much about it aside from the "secret code".
Posted by She-Ra (Member # 1359) on :
were they sat on the roof of a house at some point wiv walkie talkies coz thats all i remember bout this movie about a group of kids that sounds pretty similar n i wanted 2 know what it was 4 ages
Posted by Jhutch (Member # 1352) on :
that sounds kind of familiar, i seem to remember them using walkie-talkies...
Posted by alisae (Member # 588) on :
Hello. Was this movie Cloak And Dagger with Henry Thomas?
Posted by Jhutch (Member # 1352) on :
that movie doesn't look familiar. i guess i just don't remember enough of the movie to identify it. sometimes i wonder if i just dreamed it.
Posted by Rockstar (Member # 461) on :
I know the movie you are talking about, buti forget the name. It had the brat pack in it, and there was a rival on the base between the younger kids and the older kids. The younger group stumbles across a devious plan going on at the base and they work to save the base
---- but of course i forget the name

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