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Posted by trinbaby_33 (Member # 1196) on :
Hey all, just revisited this movie from my past. Gotta say it's so adorabley cute and funny. One of the best 80s movies. A crime it has no soundtrack. Children of the 80s rock! Any other Mannequin fans? Email me!
Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
Top characters:

# 3 - The mutt.
# 2 - James Spader.
# 1 - HollyWoood!

Posted by Material girl (Member # 348) on :
"It's those jelly donuts, they call to me in the middle of the night, Hollywood! Hollywood! come and get me Hollywood."

One of the best!


Posted by Nick (Member # 404) on :
"Drive fast before I have second thoughts..."

"Arman... Is the WIND!"

Posted by Material girl (Member # 348) on :
"You people that work at night scare me"
Posted by cindymancini (Member # 679) on :
"This has never happened to Armand before...It must be you, you're so cold..."

"Can I show you something in your size?

Hahaha! Love this movie...Ok, one more quote...

"Oh I never forget a name Mr. Nerts"

Posted by fandangoose (Member # 1417) on :
Fantastic escape movie, not to mention "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" kicks a--!

"Mom will think I've switched!" - Hollywood
Posted by fog-80 (Member # 1254) on :
I love this film too!

I picked up the film on DVD at the weekend, but was promptly told to put it back on the shelf by my boyfriend.

I may have to sneak out today and get it.

Did anyone see the sequel?
Posted by BG (Member # 1351) on :
Mannequin was definitely one of my faves. I remember going to see it as a 12 year old kid back before they got so stringent about ID's...
Posted by Mr Roboto (Member # 1424) on :
Mannequin 2 was garbage. I mean, I love Kristy Swanson and all BUT that movie was painfull to watch!

BTW - some other Kim Cattrall movies people often forget about: Big Trouble in Little China, Police Academy, and PORKY'S!

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