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Posted by rainbowbrite (Member # 1042) on :
its a movie i watched when i was really little. all i remeber is a bookworm or a worm a girl i think was called bridget and these cherries or something in a jar like thing that she ate and took her to this "other world" or something...does anyone know what im talking about email me if u know the name of the
Posted by Born1984 (Member # 87) on :
Well I'm not sure because I 'm out three when rembering those movies as a kid . I think it may be 1 of two movies or mabe not . But It sounds like this movie my sister was talking about called the last unicorn if not I dunno . I just think of another world and The Garbage pal kids pops in my head .
Posted by kenkobra (Member # 892) on :
Now that you said the name of the movie I believe you are correct. I have never seen the movie but that sound correct just from the previews that were on tv.
Posted by rainbowbrite (Member # 1042) on :
i figured out it was hugga bunch...but thank u for your help


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