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Posted by The Wizard (Member # 533) on :
I'm currently near the end of writing a review for Lifeforce (1985) but looking back at what I've written it's pretty long and basically just tells what's happening in the intricate plot.

Is that the kind of review this site is looking for, or should I cut it down to about half the length and write more generalisations of the story? (which may be a bit difficult due to the intricateness of the plot)

I've noticed some reviews are extremely short and don't even mention the plot yet others are like what I've been writing for Lifeforce, a full-on plot.

Posted by P_a_u_l (Member # 1022) on :
The simple answer is yes. Now let me explain:

The reviews on the site are written by many different people, each of whom has their own writing style, their own view of the movie (and movies in general) and people tend to write what they feel about the movie. The important things to cover are those elements (plot, characters, background) that YOU would want to see in a review.

Let's face it, if you got a dozen writers, set them the task of viewing the same movie and then writing a review for the movie, you'd likely get a dozen really good, but really different, reviews. (this sounds like a good idea!! Nick, please take note for a future competition?)

I'll be sure to look for the review when it's posted - what style will The Wizard go for????

Posted by Bridgette Marie (Member # 88) on :
hi wizard,

In some reviews, I put my personal opinion of the film, however most the time I try to keep my opinions for the verdict section.

For example, if you plan on writing a review that totally baggs a movie, then somebody who loves that movie will think that reading that pessimistic view was a waste of time. Thats why I try to be positive in every single mini-site that I write up. I dont think that out of all 40 something minisites that I've written have I ever put down a film, then again I've never done a film that I didnt care for.

It's just my opinion that since we see so much negative reviews of 80's films, that it's only right that we write positive things. For example, Flashdance is one of my favorite 80's movies ever, however Nick didnt like it that much. And thats cool cause a lot of people like Footloose, but I dont really care too much for it.

Everybody has their own opinions, but I think that for the most part you should put your opinions aside, post them in the verdict section, and just try to write nice, appealing writeups of the movies.


P.S. And by the way, it's cool if you're page seems kinda long. My favorite pages that I've written were the longer ones. And hey, I won the DVD last year, so apparently other people like long reviews too ;-)

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